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Show Nuit Blanche 2014.

Another change made by the event, holds about 150 projects focus on the outdoors, this is the slogan launched by José Manuel Gonçalves, Director Art of the night, which also presides over the Centquatre, north of Paris (he was also named to the 2015 edition of Nuit Blanche.) This will avoid long queues which often spoiled the mood of the visitors.


Spotlight on the street, and thus the spotlight on artists who make it their territory: street art is like never honored. many orders have been placed for the occasion. Especially in the 13 th District, including the mayor wants to make the promised land of the discipline still untamed.

Nighter gives her a nice helping hand to become the “open air museum” and fry on the pavement artists who have had a little too recent trend favoring cymas galleries. One of the “grandfathers” of the movement, the delicious poster Jacques Villeglé launch the movement on the Seine by writing his esoteric alphabet: “To be surprised, it is a joy. “ Hopefully the sentence will set the tone.

To find his” grandchildren “, it must then go on adventures around the Gare d’Austerlitz. Hall Freyssinet, which provides one last time in his juice before renovation, is invested as a whole by Jef Aerosol. Street Chevaleret is Borondo and Spy that handle the bomb for two permanent exhibits, when Mark Jenkins plays tape to create his funny silhouettes. You may also unearth some interventions Jan Vormann, which repairs peeling walls in the healing of Lego.


Pablo Valbuena, & quot; Kinematope & quot; (Gare d'Austerlitz, Paris 13e) facility access by the beginning of track 7, view from track 13..

As for the Gare d’Austerlitz, she reveals in a new opening to the public one of the sites of its new routes, for a journey into the future in this immense. series of columns, Pablo Valbuena balance Watts: he created a stunning set of lights, giving the illusion to end up in a tunnel powered science fiction, endless

Returning to. downtown, you might see some silhouettes cut from steel by British artist Antony Gormley, who observe us from the heights of the Faculty of Jussieu. Do not miss out either, to the Pantheon, the moving sculpture of Johann Guillerm amazing acrobat, at the option of another path, the path of the tram boulevards marshals, another appearance. completely a phosphorescent tree lights Montsouris It was designed by the collective of environmentalists HeHe designers


But it’s time to go to Montparnasse, another magnetic field Nighter. Including the Hospital for Sick Children: already contains a mural by Keith Haring, soon renovated Necker wants to create in the years to come his own collection. White Night is an opportunity to give him a first pulse. Street-artist Vhils thus seizes three facades, sustainable work. The Chapuisat brothers, they offer the kids one of their huge wooden sculptures, climbing to its peril.

Even more perilous dance Yoann Bourgeois, a little lower in the 15 th arrondissement, in the heart of the Georges Brassens park: with a simple trampoline, it defies the laws of gravity, and deliver a series of performances that promise to be disturbing. Because it is devoted to the performing arts what this neighborhood. Circassian keen martial arts, Chloe Moglia evolve several meters high on a bar above the small ring.

There you are tired? Cedric Bernadotte has devised a series of ephemeral street furniture, hammocks, swings and chairs made of tape and cellophane. The hungry can go into one of the many foodtrucks installed along the streets, and then drag it to the Seine. The André-Citroën park welcomes King DJ from Detroit, Jeff Mills. He envisioned a large dance hall to restore honor to the couple dance. Waltz, swing and tango mâtineront electro, dance until dawn

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Nighter. On the night of October 4 , from 19 pm until dawn. Free admission. Some facilities are still visible Sunday.


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