Monday, October 6, 2014

VIDEO. The rant against Ben Affleck Islamophobia – Le Parisien

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<- hard dé e <- ITEM RECIPE -> <- NORMAL ARTICLE -> <- - begin excerpt!>: 0.033119201660156 sec -> Actor and director Ben Affleck was the subject of heated debate in the United States on Monday after being passionate defender of the Muslim community on a television. The future “Batman” caught fire Friday night on the set of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, a show that talks about the news of the week with Bill Maher, atheist activist and leader very far to the left. <- Block compl dé! Ments -> <- bloc_complements.tpl -> <- -> <- BLOCK ON THE SAME TOPIC ->
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While the discussion, including a guest, the philosopher Sam Harris, revolved around criticism Islam, the actor spoke, visibly angry, to qualify the words that stood for “disgusting and racist.”

“Are you an expert in Islamic doctrine? , “commented Ben Affleck who was present” Gone Girl “, the last film in which he plays,” It’s like saying “Oh, you’re a sneaky Jewish. ‘” “There are a billion people who are not fanatics who do not hit women, who want to go to school, eat sandwiches, pray five times a day and do not do anything that you say are the Muslims. It’s a cliche, “he has said.

VIDEO. The debate on Islam between Bill Maher and Ben Affleck.

This growing firm stand, rare in Hollywood, provoked reactions of encouragement or otherwise critical . The host Bill Maher, well known in the United States, recalled Monday in an interview with that he was a “progressive” and that he was not “religious intolerance.” “We fight for the principles of progressivism!” Has he said.

Ben Affleck, once again a safe bet Hollywood since he directed “Argo” is the founder of Eastern Congo Initiative, a charitable organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His latest film “Gone Girl” made an excellent start at the American box office this weekend with $ 38 million in revenue.
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