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VIDEO. “Mommy,” a gem of pop cinema in the rough – 20minutes.fr

CINEMA – At 25, Xavier Dolan sign a breathtaking melodrama, the film pop the biggest since “Pulp Fiction” …

A young widow on the verge of a nervous breakdown collects her teenage son, endearing but violent, a correctional center has expelled: what upset an already precarious balance of life. But one day, this duo became friends with the neighbor across the street, which will help the mother and her son to reframe their existence …

Fucking pink

“I like surprises,” warns immediately Xavier Dolan. Inventing pert replies like “it, her ass feels the fucking pink is written in heaven.” Or require the display of a square picture format: “You can feel that the characters are trapped in a narrow frame, he explains 20 Minutes , but it gives them in fact high potential freedom “. The square format is also a reference to “all those album that marked our imaginary pockets” because Dolan wanted to make a “movie pop” with Celine Dion in pieces. Somewhat equivalent to a Pulp Fiction resurrecting Travolta there 20 years

Dolan-Wells. 5-1

25 years early genius like Orson Wells was making his first movie: Citizen Kane . At the same age, Xavier Dolan is already the fifth. And this time, he does not play it. “When there is no role for me, I did not need to be there,” he said. By cons, it remains ubiquitous behind the camera: “I do what I love to do, I try to stop me when I can not do.” But he does it all and does it quite well: making sure , write, produce, edit … and make costumes. An ‘area too often neglected in film, “he said, while” it is nevertheless the first thing you see a character. “

Overexposed, but not toasted

In Cannes, Xavier Dolan has not won for Mommy “that” the jury prize, tied with Jean-Luc Godard, but he says he won everything: “The esteem of the critical and audience acclaim, this is the most beautiful palms. ” Since then, he would have put his career on hold. “I, who does not stop at the age of 17, I would take the time to live like the people my age.” But he starts a new project, his first in English, with Jessica Chastain. On sale, he fears to do too much and we get tired of the view, but it multiplies the interviews and meets his Twitter followers. Where he said that his name is pronounced “Dolan, like Tylenol.”

Leo hero

For the young filmmaker, it is important to know where you came from. “Yes, I have heroes,” he said. The first of them is Leonardo DiCaprio, who wrote a letter to 8 years after seeing Titanic , as recalled So Film

His other cult favorites. The Piano Batman Returns, Jumanji or Sweet Sixteen Ken Loach, whose heroes have inspired the Mommy . Nothing Godard, he “respects” but in “care a bit,” said he confided to Inrocks this summer. Or Almodovar, to whom he is often compared, but he has “seen almost any movie.” “There are big holes in my cinephilia” concedes one who has discovered the films of Hitchcock after realizing his own thriller, Tom farm .

Not gay, but gay

“The theme of homosexuality, I’ve been around the issue,” he whispers again 20 Minutes … From Indeed, Mommy is a love story between a mother and her son, a story both unique and universal. Not a gay film, but a gay movie, yes! Or melancholy at different times, but where “everything is done to make the colorful and bright image, while he did a rotten time on the set …” All the magic of cinema written in heaven.

 * Stéphane Leblanc


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