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Ben Affleck defends Islam – 7sur7

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10/06/14 – 8:16

video General The actors involved in TV shows do to promote a film and so it is rare that they express their opinions on policy and even less about Islam. But this time, while participating in the show “Real Time” with Bill Maher, Ben Affleck saw red and took the defense of Muslims (accuracy: not Islamists).

While he was present “Gone Girl”, his latest film, Ben Affleck has launched a heated debate with guests Bill Maher about Islam. While Maher launched into a discussion with author Sam Harris, he started the topic, arguing that liberal ideas (using the American definition of “liberal”, which means facing left) were not appreciated by Islam. “When we talk about freedom of expression, freedom of religion, gender equality, freedom of sexual orientation with the people of the Muslim world, they get angry.”

Sam Harris said that while he believes “liberal ideas have indeed failed to be heard by Muslims and that we are at a point where any criticism of Islam is perceived Islamophobia, which is completely ridiculous. ” That’s when Ben Affleck interrupted the debate to defend Islam. “You are saying that Islamophobia is not a real thing?” he says. “This is a racist. This is like saying that the Jews are sneaky people.”

Sam Harris then advances the argument that “we should criticize bad ideas.” What Ben Affleck says: “Of course, no one says otherwise.” Harris added: “Islam is the nest of these ideas.” And now, the actor wins “But what a horrible thing to say That all these people who are not fanatics who do not punish women who just want to go to school you do, eat. hunger (…) All Muslims are not the things you say. “

Bill Maher then confronts him asking.” Did you think that people who kill in the name of Islam are just a few bad apples in the basket? “. The actor then replied that “those who commit such murders do not represent the majority of Muslims. Absolutely not. You put an entire religion with the same brush.”

And the discussion continues in the same vein for a long time. Each advancing his arguments. Bill Maher is seen therefore obliged to end the debate with a “we will never agree on the subject.” That’s at least one promoting unusual film.


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