Friday, October 3, 2014

VIDEO – The trailer for “Inside Out” of the next Pixar – MetroNews

What parent has not wondered what was going on in the head of his pre-teen daughter? The writer and director Peter Docter has taken on the question and answers in motion pictures. Inside Out , the next Pixar movie, tells the story of Riley, a girl of 11 years who moved with his family in a small Midwestern town in the frenzy of San Francisco. Surrounded by new classmates, she is overwhelmed by a flood of emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, which materialize in practice in his head.

What goes through the mind of a child

To build his screenplay, Peter Docter was inspired by her own daughter, Elie, whose entry into adolescence was not without creating some surprises. “As parents, we wondered: wow, that does not like him so much, what’s going on in his head?” said the director, who had previously directed Monsters Inc.. Docter then dug the issue with neurologists, and the magic of Pixar did the rest. Inside Out, vice versa in French, hit theaters June 19, 2015.


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