Friday, October 10, 2014

Françoise Hardy: The Nobel Patrick Modiano is well deserved – Le Figaro

The singer knows the new Nobel Prize in literature since 1969 to Le Figaro , she recalls their meeting, their friendship and their favorite novels.

The complicity between Françoise Hardy and Patrick Modiano not new. The singer readily admits having been “bewitched” by the novels of the new Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1969 met interpreter All the boys and girls tells how she became friends with the author of The Place of the Star

LE FIGARO -. When did you meet Patrick Modiano and under what circumstances

? FRANCES HARDY – I met Patrick Modiano in the 60s about a song that he wrote the text, which amused me greatly, Astonish Me, Benoit . Also quite amusing to me, his personality was so unconventional. It was a familiar Emmanuel Berl with whom he made this book so remarkable and instructive on the last war, Examination . Mireille (Berl, note) had asked me to ensure that he eats when I saw it, what is clearly happening to him not regularly given its lack of resources but also the distraction. From there, Patrick sent me each of his novels with an often comical dedication.

Which of his books do you prefer?

I’ve always read voraciously, I was so entranced by both its unique style and its equally unique and original universe. These two features rarely meet and sign the great writers. Each of his novels seems a continuation of the previous one and it’s hard to tell them apart. I love them all, but keep a slight preference for “Street obscure boutiques” I read at least three times. The last sentence of the book still brings tears to the eyes “… And our lives are they not as quick to dissipate in the evening that grief child?”

What do you think the fact that he received a prestigious award

The Nobel Prize is well deserved and makes everyone almost as happy as he


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