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White Night: Paris starts earlier street art – The Point

Paris, the “capital of street art”? In any case, the ambition of the municipality of Paris, which will honor the enfant terrible of contemporary art during the next White Night on Saturday by opening wide its walls. The Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Culture, Bruno Julliard, made the promise at the press conference presenting Nighter early September: “Paris has become the world capital of street art.”

“It really has been a runaway Parisians (…) There is a runaway makers who appreciate modern image associated with street art. Runaway contemporary art galleries in Paris where ‘street artists’ overwhelmingly made their entrance. This has become a major field of contemporary art, where Paris has an important place (…). We want to be on this train of modernity excellence, “said the elected AFP.

So the highlight of this 13th edition of the Nuit blanche Will it open a museum of” Contemporary street art “, in the 13th arrondissement, where the proposals will meet young artists in the field of contemporary art and digital arts, and a large number of works of street art by renowned artists such as Swoon Spy Borondo, Tristan Eaton and Thomas Canto.

Some of these works, perennial, will aim to enroll in the course of street art that the city hall of the 13th strives to draw since 2010, taking advantage of its large housing blind facades. The district already has fifteen large frescoes, including one signed by the American star Obey, rue Jeanne d’Arc, and another place Veneto by Portuguese artist Pantonio, which claims to be the highest of painted wall Europe.

“With Tower 13 was planted the flag!”

This course is the result of the meeting between the mayor of the 13th Coumet Jerome ( PS), himself a passionate art collector and gallery owner Mehdi Ben Cheikh, founder of Itinerrance gallery. For one as for the other, Paris is already the capital of street art, at least in terms of number of galleries and auction therein true.

An event organized in October 2013 by Mehdi Ben Cheikh particularly telling: the fleeting exposure of 13 Tour For 30 days, tens of thousands of visitors thronged the apartments of this turn doomed to destruction, to see the works and installations of 80 “street artists.” “With Tower 13 was planted the flag!” welcomes Jerome Coumet, which will organize the town hall in the near future an exhibition of French C215.

More nuanced, the pioneer gallery owner Magda Danysz believes that “Paris is well positioned, even if it is difficult for a movement as street art to geotag “. “To the extent that the can, Paris is already an important place and has a history. This is a place for reflection, meeting, production (…). Many artists have passed through Paris, as (American) Futura. There are a lot of coaches like (designer) Agnes B, publishers, critics, “she continues.

To increase the movement, the mayor of Paris is counting on the opening in the fall of 2015 La Place, a cultural center devoted to urban cultures. The Council of Paris has also approved on Wednesday a vow PRG group to identify 200 potential host walls works

Bruno Julliard sets yet. Warning: “It is not to initiate a plant in warm water, not because it is a work labeled street art that should not be a work of quality. “


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