Friday, October 3, 2014

Britain: a Banksy graffiti erased by the authorities Highlights -

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A graffiti artist Banksy mocking racist behavior has been canceled by local authorities Clacton (East of England) during the election campaign that could lead to the unprecedented election of a member of the populist anti-immigration party and Ukip. The design of the world-famous street artist featured a gathering of black and gray pigeons protesting against the presence of a green swallow waving placards “Go back to Africa” ​​or “The immigrants are not welcome.”

The work was visible on the wall of a building by the sea, where it is now seen more as a greenish stain. The decision to delete was made following a complaint from a resident who probably interpreted the drawing in the first degree. “Our anti-graffiti team went in to investigate and found that the information Returns in Africa or The emigrants are not welcome could actually be considered offensive to some people, “said a spokesman for local authorities, Nigel Brown.

No regrets

The team that carried out the removal of the drawing ‘n’ had not realized he was a Banksy, but it would not in any way make any difference if she had known, “said he added, noting that local authorities do not regret one second their decision. “We know perfectly well that this is irony and political satire, but it is not necessarily the taste of all the world,” he said. Banksy, deliberately provocative, gained worldwide fame with his graffiti that flourished on London walls over the years. Some were purchased by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie for thousands of pounds.

Friday, its website showed a picture showing graffiti Clacton, before it is deleted. The removal of graffiti comes a few days of partial legislation that would create an earthquake in British politics class next Thursday. Douglas Carswell, who held the seat since 2005 on behalf of the Conservative Party’s candidate for his own succession, but this time on behalf of Ukip which he joined the ranks. His election would send the first member of the populist and anti-European party in Westminster

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