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Actors, agents, animals, makeup: wages at all … – People

How much does Leonardo DiCaprio ? How much does his agent? How much do animals in a movie? How much does a stunt, a makeup artist or a private driver?
The Hollywood Reporter has considered the matter and today provides an overview of the salaries of all-Hollywood from the golden remuneration of stars and studio bosses box office to the most obscure of the cinema business heights.
Actors agents, through the stuntmen, makeup artists and chefs, return on all Hollywood salaries.

Between June 2013 and June 2014, we learn that Dwayne Johnson has hit $ 52 million for his various films ( No Pain No Gain , Hercules , Fast and Furious 7 ). He beat Leonardo DiCaprio and its $ 45 million, Liam Neeson (40 million dollars), Bradley Cooper (35 million dollars), Jennifer Lawrence (35 million) or Scarlett Johansson (17 million dollars) and Jennifer Aniston (15 million dollars).

But in Hollywood, they are not all millionaires. Thus, for The Wolf of Wall Street Martin Scorsese Jonah Hill has hit 60 000 dollars (400 times less than Leonardo DiCaprio and its $ 25 million). Similarly, Robert Downey Jr hit 75 million at the end of the reporting Exercise Iron Man while Mickey Rourke was offered him for the role of man in the whip Whiplash Iron Man 2 , “only” 250 thousand dollars.

survey Hollywood Reporter also shows that an agent can earn 200,000 to 10 million dollars (Tracey Jacobs said recently winning $ 9 million including managing the interests of Johnny Depp), a director can be paid between 250,000 and 20 million (one of the big winners of Hollywood’s Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight or Inception ) and Crystal Monkey The Hangover and Night at the Museum has received 102,000 dollars in 2012.

Hollywood Reporter continues to égrainer a long list of professions: driver will be paid $ 56 000 for the year, a body double 33,000 dollars, a first assistant director 192 000 dollars, a personal assistant to a celebrity 80 dollars 0000, specialized payslips 66,000 dollars, a dog $ 54 000, a director of trailer carrying 81 000 dollars, wages costumers would average 80 000 dollars annually, 77,000 for hairdressers and 100,000 dollars for makeup artists. A pornographic film actor earn him 120,000 dollars in the year. One of the few professions in Hollywood where women earn more than men.



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