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Nuit Blanche 2014 explores the “New Left Bank” – Le Nouvel Observateur

Paris (AFP) – From the confines of the thirteenth district to Little Belt XV, the 13th-Nighter revisited this year in little-explored on the left bank of Paris, with a particular focus on street art and performance .

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo kicked off around 19h00 this event, the first since his election as mayor of Paris. She came in the wake of the Little Belt, a “full of history and poetry instead.”

“I am very pleased that this Nighter spends very different disciplines, such as circus and dance, “she was welcomed with journalists.

Elected fifteenth longtime mayor of Paris had agreed to meet the press at the entrance of the Parc André-Citroën , where there was a large dance hall orchestrated by techno pioneer Jeff Mills music.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls would also visit various sites, including the Quai d’Austerlitz.

Ms. Hidalgo said he wanted to “amplify the presence of street art in Paris.” This discipline is awarded this year a special place, with installation in the thirteenth of “open air museum” of street art. Some works created for the occasion, will also perpetuated

Red wire of the various works sighted along the promenade. Figure and the human body, and their entry into the city

Walkers meet successively through a town in a slow monk bordering on immobility (video “Walker” by Tsai Ming-Liang); a hieratic figure perched on the ledge of the Pantheon (Antony Gormley); hyperrealistic sculptures frozen in mysterious poses Mark Jenkins …

The works of street art in the thirteenth and at Necker Hospital, are no exception to this theme: Portuguese Vhils, master in the art of “burn” the walls with chisels and jackhammers, has revealed the sad facades of the Necker Hospital three children’s faces; while the street artist Swoon has affixed an icon of motherhood on the walls of the Massena station abandoned.

“I’m interested in the question of the body, the presence of the need human, “says artistic director of the event, José Manuel Gonçalves, who also leads the cultural center the Four Hundred.

This Nuit Blanche was thus the spotlight on artists from the circus and dancing, meeting along the railways of the Little Belt. With “Fugue / Trampoline” Yoann Bourgeois and his accomplices were to tirelessly the spectacle of a body falling from a staircase and bounced on a trampoline in search of an unlikely “point of suspension.”

Noustube # 5, it’s in a test tube three meters high and filled with water qu’évoluaient Jörg Müller and four other performers, between dance, acrobatics and performance. While Chloe Moglia, alternating with two other acrobats moved during the night over the void, suspended from a horizontal bar

-. Trains ghosts –

Another notable piece between sculpture and performance: “Transumante” Johann Le Guillerm Pantheon. The artist came to the circus and ten assistants were to construct and deconstruct throughout the night a living sculpture made of thirty center timbers three meters long, standing together at the push sticks, and successively forming a dome ., a hallway or S

In a more abstract vein, the artist Pablo Valbuena has designed the Gare d’Austerlitz one of the most anticipated parts of this Nighter: sound and light installation seems to animate the majestic arches of the new station movement powerful ghost trains.

Not far away, the Pakistanis Imran Qureshi offers for its first operation in France and a macabre poetry, covering the promenade quai du Port d’Austerlitz big splash red acrylic paint and drawings of leaves.


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