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Iron Man against Captain America: The War of the superhero … – 20minutes.fr

CINEMA – Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr., and Captain America will face in a film based on the comic “Civil War” …

The rumor, or dreams of fans who saw Iron Man Captain America face appearing in an adaptation of the cult comic Civil War has been officially validated by Variety , generally well informed matter.

After months or years of waiting, everything accelerated this weekend during Comic Con in New York. Lately, fans of Iron Man had trouble following the contradictory statements of Robert Downey Jr. The actor announced that he would run a fourth installment of the adventures of Tony Stark before retracting and then explain that “It’s more complicated than that.”

The war between Sony and Disney Submarine

Ultimately, Iron Man will be well back, but in the film scheduled to be the third installment of the franchise Captain America . In all likelihood, the film, scheduled for May 2016, will stage the rivalry between the two super-hero comic unveiled in the Civil War . If the film is faithful to the script, a slew of superheroes, with Spiderman should be in the game.

In fact, negotiations began between Sony, which owns the rights to Spiderman movies, and Disney, which plans to make this movie together all the Marvel characters.

Those who are already struggling to follow can stop here . For others, it is also noted that the next installment in Avengers , the saga involving already directed several superheroes, with Iron Man and Captain America should be split into two films with two separate teams of characters. This announcement, still unclear, reinforces the idea that cinema has decided to go in adapting Civil War , which sees superheroes “nice” to divide after a controversial decision by the senate American.

Paper reboot Civil War

To enlighten everyone, or just to make a little more profit, Marvel also announced Monday the release of a new version of his comic strip Civil War 2015 Nothing is known yet about this new version of the cult book. Perhaps he will adapt the story to film production constraints such as contracts of players and squabbles between competing studios.

For the record, in the original version comic, the American senate asks superheroes to reveal their secret identities to save a file and monitor their activities. This is the beginning of the Great Schism between masked and iconoclastic hero.

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