Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Breathalyzer: TV electroshock on France 4 – Le Figaro

The utility is experimenting on young alcoholic to denounce the excesses of drunkenness.

To react against the massive one-time youth alcohol (“bun express” or “challenges bottoms up” on social networks), France 4 launches four educational evenings. The goal: to situation of young under the influence of alcohol, in order to scientifically measure the harm on the body.

Inspired by a Norwegian program, Drunk , the show Breathalyzer has worried many users because they are young adults drink . An unpublished experiment on TV! However, it is presented without any connivance by Olivier Delacroix ( In the eyes of Olivier ) and placed under constant medical supervision of Dr. Philippe Batel, a psychiatrist and alcohologist.

In addition to reports in the evening, youth alcohol are tested with other young, sober eux.Lors of the first issue, chess, memory reproduction of a geometric figure and reading perfectly demonstrate the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain. It’s the same for the other themes: body, romantic encounter, relationships with others and hangovers. Young drunk they end up dead? No. Drunk, they laugh, err, brag and show excessive sociability.

Breathalyzer , a new experience in the French TV Nathalie GUYON / FTV

No drinking on the air

The Norwegian program showed him, candidates who vomited. In France, the Evin law plays safeguards. You never see young people drinking on the air and special mentions will be displayed (“Do not reproduce at home”, “Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health” …). The average blood alcohol testers is 0.47 g, an absorption of five units of pure alcohol. Some testers will go up to eight or nine units. Production were then escorted back home with a BAC of less than 0.2 g.


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