Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard reunited after 28 years – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Since The Runaways in 1986, they no longer had toured together. This is done thanks to filmmaker Jean-Pierre Mocky who reformed the famous tandem of actors time to a short film shot in Anjou.

This is the kind of precious reunion that should not be missed. Since The fugitives by Francis Veber In 1986, they had not played together. Here Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard met in Tigne Anjou time of filming under the camera of director Jean-Pierre Mocky, as our fellow West France.

In a forest, Pierre Richard attends there seems to last minutes of his friend lying on the Depardieu hardwood floor, a bloody hand on the chest. Richard caress the face of Depardieu who starts humming something. Ricahrd Peter looks up and whispers, “Yes., The nightingale sings” And means:

“Off!” The sequence is as tender and poignant. Both men obviously enjoy replaying both. “It’s great. Yes great to find Peter, the actor, as the winemaker, “says Gérard Depardieu between takes, below its hillsides planted with generous Chenins. And Pierre Richard, the eternal François Pignon of Compères (1983) and Fugitive (1986) to answer echoed: “It’s been so long since we had not toured together. That’s why I immediately accepted the proposal Mocky. “

Saturday, October 11, the famous tandem of The Goat (1981) therefore reformed on the set of the short film Agafia , the story of a woman who falls for a vagabond in a village in Russia. Due out in 2015 on the shelf Gérard Depardieu laugh, burp, gently pokes fun of Richard Anconina. “There’s idiots who take hours to play the same stage.” Pierre Richard enjoys jokes his friend Depardieu, sliding her accomplice: “Thank God you’re here!”

The two actors will meet Monday in Indre-et-Loire for the rest of the shoot. Gerard Depardieu will meanwhile Baugé today to participate in another short film by Jean-Pierre Mocky, who realistically The boorish and Justice .


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