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Patrick Modiano, Nobel and his songs – France Info

Patrick Modiano was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, and this is an opportunity to remember that he has written songs in the company of a fellow hypokhâgne and khâgne; Hugues de Courson, which would then be one of the founders of the group Malicorne. . Some of their songs were performed by Françoise Hardy particular

In the first episode of this column, you will hear excerpts:
The Kiss Modiano by Vincent Delerm (in public, 2007)
The Coco behaved children by Hugues de Courson (1979)
The Half cass by Hugues de Courson (1979)
Surprise me Benedict by Françoise Hardy (1968)
San Salvador Françoise Hardy (1970)
I make puzzles by Françoise Hardy (1970)
Aspire to heart by Regine (1970)
A hopping along the Great Wall of China by Françoise Hardy (1970)

love song writers, to both as characters and as providers of texts. And they themselves are easily met by the additional knowledge that their varieties bring.

In the second installment of this column, you hear excerpts:
Paperback Writer by The Beatles (1966)
Trenettement by Charles Aznavour (1994)
A love like ours by Lucienne Boyer (1935)
The Seller of books in the film Emmanuelle Goizé Jeanne and wonderful boy (1997)
Acceptance Speech of the Nobel Prize for Literature Claude Simon (9 December 1985)
If you imagine by Juliette Greco (1950)
The Possibility of an Island by Carla Bruni (2008)
The Possibility of an Island by Jean-Louis Aubert (2014)
Graham Greene by Marie Modiano (2013)

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