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Harry Potter wears horns for “Horns” –

CINEMA – Daniel Radcliffe is the hero of a horror comedy by Alexandre Aja …

Daniel Radcliffe is not boy dozing on the magic of Harry Potter wand. The young-old than a quarter century actor does not hide his passion for horror movies. After The Woman in Black (James Watkins, 2012), the actor likes to scare the Horns , horror comedy by Alexandre Aja. “I had a crush on Piranha 3D (2010) and its mix of genres that I found in this brilliant scenario.”

The devil probably …

Radcliffe plays a young man accused of killing his girlfriend played by Juno Temple and sees suddenly grow horns on his forehead when he became holder of strange powers. This is Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, who wrote the book (“Horns” JC Lattes) and collaborated on the script that is inspired. “I hung because I think this story goes beyond the limits of mere entertainment. It is also a tale of loneliness and rejection, says Radcliffe. These are themes that speak to me. ” It focuses all the better for his tortured character that the actor communicates a real weakness to his character. Radcliffe proves alternately vulnerable and disturbing at the whim of a malicious plot.

An accomplice duo

Alexandre Aja is full of praise for the star. “Daniel fought for the role while I was planning to entrust it to someone older. He impressed me with his maturity and seriousness. Although he knew the very young glory, he has nothing of a spoiled child. He embraces his past as an actor and does not deny Harry Potter. ” Daniel Radcliffe is also delighted by his collaboration with the director of High Voltage (1993). “Alexander takes cinema genre very seriously which allows him to juggle his codes. He is not one to make fun of horror “films. This is probably what explains the sudden change of tone that give the movie the same originality that novel. We laugh a lot watching Horns .

Growing together fans

“I kept a pair of horns remember jokes Radcliffe. It was not a very complicated makeup. It was more complex to design this character who does not know too well where he is. ” The actor has not finished with the genre. We shall see in Frankenstein by Paul McGuigan and he played Igor, the assistant to the doctor. “It is true that I love fantasy films, but this film has nothing to do with Horns . My role is much more physical because I walk it folded in two. ” And jump out of his chair to mimic a hunchback so very credible. “I think the kids who loved him in Harry Potter grew up together with him and are willing to follow him in new adventures,” says Aja. Those of Horns are very commendable.

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