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Nuit Blanche: What you absolutely must see – Inrocks

A night to discover Paris and artists from all horizons: the White Night, which will take place Saturday. For this edition, go mainly left bank. A Great Art Walk awaits you. From the Town Hall at Parc Andre Citroen through the City of Fashion and Design, Montparnasse and the Little Belt, you can explore the facilities, dances, videos, sculptures, performances … This walk along a line Blue welcomes forty international artists. It is divided into six views, connected by footpaths which produce artists off. “The Future Compounds”, “The ones we”, “Open Museum Contemporary street art”, “In light of the tree”, “I perf they perf … we dance” and “magnetic Ascents”; these six themes transport you from one world to another, from one art to another. We selected benefits not to be missed throughout your journey.

Hicham Berrada, when chemistry becomes art

how to a laboratory, Hicham Berrada mixing various chemicals in beakers. Reactions are video projected on a giant screen. In these sorts of test tubes, colors and materials are mixed, creating a whole imaginary on the screens. One would think as a volcanic eruption, as a scuba diver. This performance, entitled “Omen” has proven itself in the Palais de Tokyo in 2013 For Nuit Blanche, the artist scientific profile settles on the Banks of the Seine left bank. In the background, the musician Laurent Durupt will capture and disseminate sounds in a beaker. Hicham Berrada will also Pont d’Austerlitz for the project “Ark”, which will remain until the International Fair of Contemporary Art (FIAC, October 23 to 26).

“Omen” Viewpoint “Future compounds” – 3, rue Lobau – 75004
“Ark” Viewpoint “Open Contemporary Art Museum Street” – Quai d’Austerlitz

Mark Jenkins, passers like no other


work of Jenkins – photo Flickr CC License

Near the Pantheon, Boulevard Vincent Auriol or at a tram station, you could cross at a street corner, hidden in a bin or on a roof, a stationary person. Do not be too surprised: Mark Jenkins was able to go through it. For Nuit Blanche, this American artist scatters its “unbelievable” hyperrealistic sculptures made with tape. Dressed in real clothes, they are often in unlikely situations: hanging over the void, his head in the wall, balancing on a roof … What a surprise – or not – the passersby. Mark Jenkins therefore proposes a street art a little particular, the tape art, which he instigated. Nuit Blanche put elsewhere especially for this edition, on the street arts, particularly through his point of view “Open Contemporary Art Museum Street”

Viewpoint “Those that we are” – Place Sainte Genevieve – 75005
Viewpoint “Open contemporary art museum street” – the avenue Pierre Mendes corner of Boulevard Vincent Auriol and France – 75013
Viewpoint “In light of the Trees” – stations TRAM Maryse Bastié Montsouris and Pont du Garigliano
Viewpoint “I perf they perf … we dance” – Place balard – 75015

Inrocks Lab: after music video

 White Night AbrahamMurder

Abraham Murder, “Murder Day”, 2014 Courtesy Igor Keltchewsky

Six hours Forty videos, amphitheater – that of the Ecole Normale Superieure. Inrocks Lab associate with Sosh and the School of the Art Deco and make the honor of short films throughout this long sleepless night. Short films, animation, art videos, clips; the selection is wide. Behind the camera, entered the contest video creation Sosh like lab Inrocks, and students from the School of Decorative Arts. Uninterrupted stream of these little artistic moments you into the world of these various artists

detailed program of the evening here
Point View “What we are” – ENS (room Jules Ferry) – 29, rue d’Ulm 75005

Fluorescent tree in the night


Montsouris Park

After the green cloud coming out of a factory, the collective Hehe tackles new environmental issues. On the occasion of the Nuit Blanche, the British Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen German established their Radiant Tree. In the darkness, a tree Montsouris Park stands out among the others: under the influence of ultraviolet light, its leaves covered with a mixture of water, sugar and fluorescein shines a light green. The combination COAL (Coalition for art and sustainable development), which supports Hehe as a sustainable culture and ecology, analyzes the Radiant Tree project:

“The fluorescent green tree evokes the nature of contamination by urban pollutants, radioactivity or utopian future technologies such bioluminescent trees called ‘glow in the dark’ whose luminescence is made possible by the genetic modification.”

Viewpoint “In light of the Trees” – 2, rue Gazan (Parc Montsouris) – 75014

Jeff Mills made her popular dance

jeff mills

Jeff Mills – photo Flickr CC License

One of the pioneers of techno you will dance Nighter: Jeff Mills revisits the history of dance in pairs. Music from the Middle Ages to today through the years swing or disco, the DJ goes through everything. It offers a popular dance, called “Together is Better”, “Together is better”, the heart of the Parc André Citroën. This sound performance will be accompanied by a visual installation, to enjoy all your senses the atmosphere of this unique night. And also an opportunity to see who, in the late 1980s – early 1990s, initiated the thousands of techno fans in Detroit and elsewhere

Viewpoint “I perf they perf … we dance” – 6, rue de la Montagne de la Fage (Parc André Citroën) – 75015 – site opens at 20h

Capture “aliens frequencies” through Chapuisat Brothers


Your children dream of being astronauts? Time for a night, take them under the dome of the Brothers Chapuisat. These Swiss artists around the world have used to ride often monumental works in situ, penetrable by the public. This year, in the Necker Hospital, they paint a dome that will put you in contact with “alien frequencies”, they said, and the other planets … A little later, the Portuguese street artist Vhils has recorded three huge portraits framed on the wall of the children’s hospital. From the window of their room, young patients will be able to escape a little contemplating those faces. These two works are among the few works that remain well beyond the White Night, to the delight of children and their parents.


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