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Patrick Modiano adds a Nobel in his “pedigree” – Le Monde

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When the editor Antoine Gallimard called the person to congratulate the writer was” very happy , “but he said with “ customary modesty ” that he found it “ strange ” told the publisher.

The Occupation is the context in which his parents met. A Flemish mother, “pretty girl in the dry heart” , wrote his son; a Jewish father, Albert Modiano ( “I write” Jewish “, ignoring what the word really meant for my father because he was mentioned at the time of ID cards” ), the dating and shady activities, practicing under a false identity, the black market during the war

Their eldest son, Patrick, was born in 1945.; followed in 1947 by Rudy, who died ten years later. At this cadet Patrick Modiano, coming out of a teen imprint of loneliness among fugues of the school and wandering the streets of Paris, will dedicate his first book, The Place de l’Etoile (Gallimard, 1968), which he considers that the publication is his real birth certificate. The book is the young man, protected from Raymond Queneau, to be immediately noticed and celebrated for his talent – more angry in this book about the occupation than it will be later. The Boulevards belt (1972) earned him the grand prize of the French Academy, Street obscure shops (1978), the Prix Goncourt, and all his work, the national grand prize letters in 1996

Patrick Modiano.

highlight Villa sad (1975), Patrick Modiano include this to Dylan Thomas: “Who art thou, voyeur shadows? “ As if addressing the question to himself, he whose work is full of ghosts and shadows, silhouettes of glimpsed and fuzzy memories, who wrote in Dora Bruder (1997) Special investigation of a young Jewish girl disappeared in Paris Occupancy: “A lot of friends I have not known disappeared in 1945, the year I was born. “ It will also say that a ” always felt like a plant born manure Occupancy “.

His books are very quick to Patrick Modiano a major figure in French literature. There are those wandering the streets of Paris, those twilight atmospheres, these surveys are not that fall short, and these characters that can be recognized from one book to another – Patrick Modiano professes biographical material only useful if it is “sprayed into the imaginary” . And above all, the beauty and fluidity of his sentence. There is also the public figure, which immediately arouses public affection with its hesitant sentences, full of “It’s weird,” and ellipsis that lets her beautiful voice low and ashy. His latest book, So you do not get lost in the neighborhood you , haunted by his favorite themes, released on October 2, was a bestseller even before the announcement of the Nobel.

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