Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stars Wars VII: new revelations on the big villain of the film – Le Figaro

According to the site MakingStarWars, the villain of the next installment in the saga Star Wars directed by JJ Abrams would be none other than … Beware, spoiler

On 18 December 2015, the release date of Star Wars: Episode VII in France, we shall know all the new installment of the famous saga currently touring the greatest secrecy. But in the meantime, speculation is rife for what we reserve the director J..J. Abrams and his team …

And the last big rumor to date concerns the future great villain of the saga. Successor to Darth Vader? MakingStarWars the site seems to have found the answer. The revelations of American site might surprise fans … Because they think the next big villain of the franchise is none other than Luke Skywalker …

The hero of the first sections of the saga, back in episode VII would now switched in turn to the dark side of the Force. A twist worthy of “I am your father” Episode V! Several clues led the American site that conclusion. Having had access to certain confidential information, they discovered that the famous villain of the story would have a robotic arm (as Luke) that possess the same cape Luke wore in Episode VI, and will hold in his hands the helmet of Darth Vader in the worshiping son gossiping like a memory of his father.

Like father, like son is he whom the creed of the next installment in Star Wars ? Answer in a few months …


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