Monday, October 13, 2014

“Resident Evil” and “Mortal Instruments” turned into TV series – The Point

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It was one of the unfortunate title contenders for “next Hunger Games “. Released last year, The Mortal Instruments. City of Darkness , the first part of the adaptation of the best-selling youth of the same name, went unnoticed, despite the presence in the cast of the bubbly Lily Collins. The film earned just $ 30 million at the American box office, with a budget of 60 million. A flop that prompted the studio to cancel Constantine after the already initiated.

Producers nevertheless ensured that they did not completely abandon the franchise, especially because, despite its failure, she received great support from the fan community on the Internet. They found a solution: restart Mortal Instruments , but this time in the form of a series. To do this, they hired Ed Decter writer ( Helix ) and provide a start production next year. “In fact, it is quite logical to do rather a TV series,” said executive director of Constantine, Martin Moszkowicz, the Hollywood Reporter . “There was so much in the book that we had to leave out for the film. In the series, we will be able to explore this world in detail and in depth.”

This new program is a strategic turn of the German original studio that has seen many flops in cinema ( Pompeii , Tarzan …), while production TV prospered. Constantine sought to reposition its business to the small screen and includes several large series. “We increase substantially television both in Germany and abroad activities,” confirmed Martin Moszkowicz. Moreover Mortal Instruments , his main projects are Perfume. Story of a Murderer , derived from the film produced in 2006, and especially Resident Evil , which he plans to launch series after the release of the sixth and final feature film in 2016

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