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“So are they,” season 2: seminarian, tell me who you are … – Télé

Let there be no mistake. So are they is not a series on the Catholic Church. By planting their decor seminar Capuchin screenwriters David and Vincent Elkaim Poymiro (and co-creators of the series, Bruno Nahon and Rodolphe Tissot) have especially wanted to explore in depth the issue of commitment and selflessness , through beautiful characters. The series escapes the traditional genres (thriller, comedy …) to invest abandoned by the French TV: field drama

Its engine.? The intimacy, interiority of characters whose dreams and aspirations come knocking on reality. For writing this season 2, the authors were advised by Violaine Bellet, consultant writer psychology of the characters (who also worked for A French Village ). They shed light on the troubles ahead of the main characters. Warning, spoilers

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Former dealer jailed for murder, he imposed on his release as most passionate of seminarians. An ascetic, stingy great speech but gifted for homilies, reader of St. Augustine. Inward on his vocation and began with God during his years of confinement dialogue, he could not keep away his past. Left for dead at the end of season 1, but miraculously paraplegic, he follows a rehabilitation far from Paris.

Vincent Poymiro: All the characters in the series are in an externalization of their faith, a search for a love of their neighbor. José is untouchable, because God is in him. In season 2, he must learn to live in a broken body and a soul necessarily affected
David Elkaim. When we created the characters, under the name of Jose, there wrote “The Prophet.” When he speaks, it is fascinating, people listen. By breaking his body, we wanted to force him to close more … so he finally realizes that if others need him, listen to his speech, he also needs the other. He would be silent forever disappear, no more than a prayer. But he will have to reconsider this confinement, because if it’s open, it can never convey his word -. The prophet

Julien Bouanich (right).

Julien Bouanich (right). – © Zadig Productions

Girl scout Brittany, Yann is the idealist of the band, a model of rectitude. Often mocked in the first season by his fellow seminarians for her candid side, it also revealed some gray areas. The memory of Fabienne, his first love, never really ceased to haunt him … At the beginning of season 2, we find him advocating for the return of Jose seminary, and soon embarked on an ambitious project with the college choir .

David Elkaim: keeps this Yann scout side, a bit naive in the good sense, he likes to do good, this is his strength.
Vincent Poymiro: And he has confidence in the fact that others are like him … But in this season 2, he will confront duplicity. Some people want to turn his musical experience with children, and dispossess. Arms fall for him, he is incapable of thinking in terms of career calculation, push others to succeed. He feels anger, he was forced out of himself. And it grows.
David Elkaim: This does not mean he is not ready to commit again, shrinking violet. As in life, the characters keep their automation series, even after overcoming conflict. They obey the principle of repetition.

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In the first season, William was torn between the strength of his vocation and his feelings emerging Emmanuel, another seminarian ended up leaving the Capuchins. As part of its journey of discernment, the young man was questioned by Father Bosco about his sexuality, and pushed into a corner.

David Elkaim: Guillaume is a character we had the impression of having just missed in the first season. We went to side fault for taking the time. This time we wanted to give him a real chance to get to the bottom of the character. And it takes a lot of space. William is the one hiding, concealing what he means as a weakness, his desire for men – it would have a desire for women, that would pose fewer problems in the Church. He will learn as to assume that desire, and be faced with the obligation to decide: should he reveal and from the seminar?
Vincent Poymiro: is pushed to the point where it is completely torn between his real desire to be a priest, to be at the service of others, and his desire for men. The institution will not even look for it on his sexual practice but in his desire …
David Elkaim: At this point, we felt it important to return to the question of faith and at the moment of revelation (as perceived by those who saw him) that determines the commitment towards the priesthood. At various times in the season, we wanted to show that William had reason to be there.

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Very experienced by the suicide of his older brother at the end of Season 1, Raphael debate between his new family responsibilities (support her sister and two nieces) and responsibilities at the seminary, where he became the personal assistant of Father Bosco. At the request of the new Superior of the Capuchins, the young seminarian landed an internship at the Conference of Bishops of France …

Vincent Poymiro: Raphael entered the seminary in rebellion to leave the world which he grew up. His tragedy is that he ceases to be attracted, despite re-called him to this world he rejected, that is to say, the power, the money, the privileges of high society. And he is good at it! At the beginning of the second season, he chose the seminary, he began to serve the father Bosco, he is willing to protect at all costs. But it’s Bosco himself returns the side of power. It comes down to the question of repetition, even the curse regarding Raphael. He saw it anyway as inevitable.

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severe and austere father’s right arm Fromanger in season one, Father Bosco took After his forced departure, the head of the Capuchin seminary. It establishes a stricter discipline, and applies to the letter requesting a Vatican directive to hold intimate conversations with seminarians – which they like much. Stricken by cancer, moved by the struggle of Jose hit (literally) by a bone-setter nurse, he will discover the doubt, fear, and ultimately become more sensitive.

David Elkaim: This is a character that is revealed in the season 2 His path is that of an opening, an opening of his eyes, and openness, as he can, the seminar. It’s kind of Salieri in the Amadeus Milos Forman. Salieri would have a right to a second chance. He admired Fromanger, but it will not be sentenced to regret his fault – the exclusion of the latter, he forced. He will be able to redeem
Vincent Poymiro. This is a great restless, gave in to his need to order by condemning one he admired freedom. We did not want to let him deal with his anger, and confront him back to reality. It will rediscover
David Elkaim. A rediscovery that will pass through the body. A body that he forgot, but that will remind him of the disease. It will be touched, caressed, massaged. Initially, this is just to heal, but the fun starts gradually …
Vincent Poymiro. And this physical shock will change his worldview, and his mind

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Newly appointed head of the Conference of Bishops of France, this small provincial prelate no good at communication, will surprise its employees persuaded to make a puppet. Although he appears snowmen, he is convinced to perform a painful duty but dictated by God. Since the Church of France is on the verge of bankruptcy, he launched a major austerity campaign, with cuts to all floors. His policy will have a tangible impact in the lives of seminarians …

Vincent Poymiro: When Michel Duchaussoy died [he personified his predecessor, Bishop Roman, in Season 1, ed], we were ravaged. We lost a great actor, and a “bad guy” great for our series. We needed a new “bad guy”, but different. We had to rebatte cards. We were criticized for presenting a man of power too cartoonish, too calculating. So we decided to start at the heart of the regional power of the stage, the guy who is there to show his head, and that will end the post decision maker
David Elkaim. We still had to know if he was going to become the laughing stock of the Church, with its power dispatched to others. Or whether it would be in authoritarian. This is what will happen when he will take seriously its mission, considering that this austerity is a necessity imposed by God. It will keep its offset, sometimes comical ways, but will turn into a bulldozer – and demonstrate an unexpected hardness. It’s a little revenge in the province on the prelates of Paris.


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