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The Dark Knight: Batman comics with the best reading –

The Dark Knight is celebrating its 75th anniversary and they are not devoted to the comics Batman missing. It is difficult to navigate among the many books sometimes uneven. We offer a complete guide to reading with reference books, available in French. Comics that inspired movies like Batman Begins or The Dark Knight to works like Laugh and Die which tells the possible origins of the Joker find our complete selection.

Batman: Year 1 (Year One)

The young Bruce Wayne has lost his parents and vows to do everything so that such a tragedy happens to anyone else. To fight crime, he will bat.

As the name suggests, 1 Year tells the origins of Batman, through the pen of Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli sublime design. Masterpiece dedicated to the Dark Knight, this short comics also to discover the beginnings of Commissioner Gordon. Unavoidable, 1 Year remains a safe bet that inspired Batman Begins . In addition, Urban Comics has excellent idea to offer the book accompanied the DVD and Blu-ray on reshaping it cartoon

Batman. 1 Year Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, Urban Comics editions.

Laugh and Die (The Killing Joke)

Joker has set out to prove that anyone can become a psychopath. Determined to make Commissioner Gordon insane, he attacked his daughter.

The great Alan Moore book one of the origins of the Joker. Is it true? We will not know maybe ever, the character’s past is still mysterious. Meanwhile, The Killing Joke a little deeper the relationship between Batman and his nemesis. Heath Ledger has tapped into this book to play the Joker The Dark Knight.

Laugh and die, Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, published by Panini Comics and Urban.

A long Halloween and Bitter Victory (Dark Victory)

In The Long Halloween , Batman investigates a serial killer who murders his victims on holidays. Bitter Victory continues the adventure with a Batman who will take him under his wing a young Dick Grayson. This talented trapeze artist has just lost his parents in a tragic incident and demanded revenge.

Saga into two parts, A long Halloween and Bitter Victory Batman plunge into the world of black fleece, as was the case with the movie The Dark Knight . After, dark and mostly beautifully drawn by Tim Sale, the two comics bring Batman to his status as a detective. Using his brain more than his muscles, he will investigate the heart of Gotham mafia. Eventful, A long Halloween and Bitter Victory take the opportunity to tell us about the origins of Robin as well as Double Face.

A long Halloween and Bitter Victory of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, respectively published by Panini Comics and Urban.

The Dark Knight Returns

In a future dominated by a dictatorship, the old Bruce Wayne stopped being Batman. As the world prepares to enter the third world war, chaos and crime over the streets of Gotham. Bruce Wayne can not live in denial. More than a hero, he will have become a symbol and a legend.

Powerful plea for rebellion and justice, The Dark Knigh Returns is a work cult full of rage and hope. Frank Miller and Klaus Janson scenario drawing strung iconic scenes and epic battles to sublimate them a little more Batman. The Dark Knight Returns is a complex saga and uncompromising, the final battle is sure to surprise fans of superheroes.

The Dark Knight Returns Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, Urban Comics editions.

Justice League by Grant Morrison (JLA)

The greatest heroes of the earth face an alien threat. Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash or even Green Lantern failed. It remains only Batman to save the world.

What place can have a man without power when placed beside demigods day long? Episodes of The Justice League Grant Morrison manage to make Batman a superhero to rival the most powerful. Despised by his enemies because of his lack of power, the Black Knight appears as a strategic genius able to overcome by his own intelligence

JLA -. New World Order Grant Morrison, published Panini

Grant Morrison presents: Batman

A plot is launched against Batman. A mysterious doctor family friend Bruce Wayne wants the death of the man bat. Can he survive against an enemy who has decided to directly address his mind? At the gates of insanity, Batman going to die?

First published in booklet by Panini, the last work of Grant Morrison on Batman spring bound version at Urban Comics. Already worship this great saga is characterized by its remarkable construction and perfectly controlled scenario. Grant Morrison loves his character and honors its past while preparing for the future

Grant Morrison present. Batman 7 volumes, published by Urban Comics

The Court of Owls

After a long absence, Batman has returned to Gotham. A serial killer-like owl decided to kill Bruce Wayne.

The first volume of the new series Batman, The Court of Owls allows beginners to discover the dark knight without much difficulty, while establishing himself as the beginnings of a great saga. The excellent story concocted by Scott Snyder is entering a new period full of mysteries and revelations. To follow closely.

The Court of Owls, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, 2 volumes, editions Urban Comics.

Silence (Hush)

A strange character face covered in bandages attacks Batman using all his enemies against him, but also his allies.

The scenario Silence is pretty basic, but to discover the entire universe Dark Knight with ease. Very dynamic, drawing Jim Lee adds interest to the whole.

Silence of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, Urban Comics editions.

A death in the family

Jason, the second Robin , goes in search of his biological mother in the Middle East. It will be targeted by the Joker.

Batman will face the death of someone close to him and take the consequences. A death in the family is again the opportunity to experience an increasingly insane Joker. Helpless, Batman will learn the hard way that those around risking their lives.

A death in the family, Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo, Urban Comics editions.

Arkham Asylum

Prisoner of Arkham Asylum , wounded and hunted by his enemies, Batman will try to survive without losing your mind.

Grant Morrison still fantastic book an excellent scenario, while the inimitable Dave McKean fascinates with its design so special. In Arkham Asylum, the voltage is constant and the Black Knight is still in danger. Moreover, it is one of the few comics to question the care afforded the enemies of Batman.

Arkham Asylum Grant Morrison and Dave McKean, published by Panini.


Bane vowed to seize and destroy Gotham Batman. To get there, he will attack the Black Knight focusing strategy on brute force.

Saga iconic 1990s Knightfall changed the Batman universe for months and inspired The Dark Knight Rises . After being tracked down, exhausted and broken by Bane, Bruce Wayne must give up being Batman. The consequences of this first act will have dire consequences and result in the emergence of a more violent Batman.

Knightfall collective editions Urban Comics.

No Man’s Land

Gotham is destroyed, the city is cut off from the rest of the United States following an earthquake. Batman has disappeared, his enemies share the city while indulging in a real gang war. The Dark Knight returns to claim his kingdom, but he will quickly understand that their old methods no longer work.

On the eve of 2000, No Man’s Land allowed Batman to explore a new genre: the post-apocalyptic. The Dark Knight is so treated in a new way, do not hesitate to exploit the loopholes of his enemies while attempting to save a city that seems to want to stay in the chaos. This original story was also the inspiration for the movie Dark Knight Rises .

No Man’s Land, collective editions Urban Comics.

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