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Robert Downey Jr: The cast of “Captain America 3″? – Stars News






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While Robert Downey Jr. continues to blow hot and cold about a hypothetical “Iron Man 4″ – a movie which we do not even know if it will come out one day – we learn at the beginning week that the actor will eventually be showing the film “Captain America 3″! According to information from the American site to Variety, the film announced for May 6, 2016 should be the occasion of an unprecedented confrontation between our two superheroes: Iron Man on one side, Captain America on the other. Who will win? This question has not finished to generate a buzz on social media and in particular within the community of fans of the Marvel universe.

After Batman against Superman, one wonders though if the studios do not aim to separate themselves from some of their superheroes, who would become too bulky

Credits: PR Photos

Credits: PR Photos

In short, and to return to “Captain America 3″ whose story is inspired by the comic book series “Civil War”, it could be the start of a new phase in films of the Marvel stable states Variety.

There is, however, signed at the moment but things are already well underway since the actor would have entered the final phase of negotiations. We talk here and there a nice check for more than $ 40 million, and even a little more. The American site asserts that if this 3rd film in the franchise surpasses the previous round, the players receive a nice extra bonanza, the amount has not been disclosed, however.

Already the highest paid actor of Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr should not cede its top spot immediately. Good news for him that his latest film “The Judge” is a real flop in the United States. This drama directed by David Dobkin has indeed generated only $ 13.3 million for its first weekend of operation.

Note, however, that the presence of Robert Downey Jr in “Captain America 3 “was far from assured, which may partly explain the sometimes contradictory statements from the actor. Variety announced in effect that a real showdown would have opposed the studios. On the Marvel side that wanted to give him a small role; the other Robert Downey Jr who claimed to have a more important role with the salary accordingly.

Getting back to the film, and if we refer to the original version of the comic , these two will become real enemies after a new law passed by the United States Senate shall require superheroes to reveal their secret identities. Target: identify, monitor but also ask them to cooperate with the police. And that’s because they will not have the same vision that the situation is somewhat degenerate between them.

In short you should expect a lot of unrest in the Marvel stable in the coming years. Nothing should be as before

As for “Iron Man 4″ is still packing them difficult to follow. While Robert Downey Jr. recently said that the film was well underway, it is again contradicted by stating on the set of David Letterman “There is no script for Iron Man 4, but Marvel has a plan and I think they’ll announce it. ” Then specify that he would continue working with Marvel but on other very very funs projects

Earlier this year, he announced he would not rempilerait before “admit that he was willing to change his mind if his friend Mel Gibson took the reins of the film.

If all goes as planned, but we are no longer a rebound near the set of “Captain America 3 “- a film directed by Anthony and Joe Russo – is expected to begin in spring 2015 By then many will still tumble as info about the cast that the script

This summer he notably. discussed a major role in Hawkeye, aka “hawk eye”, a character already camped on the big screen by Jeremy Renner. Meanwhile Hawkeye should be more prominent in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which is set for release in April 2015



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