Friday, October 10, 2014

Patrick Modiano: Paris found the Nobel – Le Figaro

GRAPHICS – The fate of the French author, who has just received the Nobel Prize for Literature, is linked to the capital. His personal story and that of his characters stand mapping Paris.

In awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature in Patrick Modiano, the Swedish Academy rewarded not only a writer but a French writer whose career is closely linked to the capital. Born in Boulogne-Billancourt in 1945, Modiano has lived since childhood in Paris. In particular, he lived in 15 Quai Conti (sixth) in the family apartment where his parents lived during the occupation. A period of French history that has also much concern the author’s writings.

Starting in search of memories of that occupied France or in his autobiographical novels, Paris became one of its main characters. As the publications, Modiano has drawn up a map of the city filled with personal anecdotes, characters with tragic stories and relics of the past.

The title of his first novel, already mention one of the most famous places in the capital. Place of the Star (1968) evokes the current Place Charles de Gaulle (renamed in 1970 to the death of General) while mean much for the author: Square Star also represents one of the yellow star that Jews were placed on the left side of the chest during the Second World War.

Read Modiano therefore takes the reader for a walk in Paris: the City University with Pacheco Flowers ruin (1991) on rue de Montparnasse along with Dannie in the Grass nights (2012), the Boulevard Ornano where lived Dora Bruder (1997) instead of the Pyramids which witnessed the Night Crash (2003).


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