Nicolas Bedos on the set of
Nicolas Bedos, on set – France Télévisions / Screen Capture


Viewers present before France 2 Wednesday night had to have a big surprise. In any case, it did not rain at all, the CSA has been seized on that, as iTV. In his show “An evening at the Eiffel Tower,” Alessandra Sublet welcomes Nicolas Bedos for Oaths torn , a novel published by Flammarion. “The novel is a scandal,” says an insert. “You are aware that this book will Nicolas make some noise,” added Alessandra Sublet gravely. And because there chronicles the romantic relationship with comedian Valérie Trierweiler for 17 months

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On the set, Nicolas Bedos regretted that the former partner of François Hollande has passed this relationship in silence in his bestseller Thank you for this moment . This is what motivated him to write this autobiographical novel. Excerpts from the book are cited: It is “fragile and sensual as an aristocrat on the way to the guillotine.” Then: “This woman, though older than me, send me an orphan looks. In two hours we spend insults at the tender scratches on the back. “Finally, the literary editor Nicolas Rey just describe a love scene in the novel …

Before the end credits, Alessandra Sublet says Nicolas Bedos “ Oaths torn , we will explain to people that it’s just bullshit.”: “It was my way to meet the peopolisation politics … “In any case, the honorary president of the Christian Democratic Party, Christine Boutin, is fallen into the trap.