Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Twin Peaks: a return to television in 2016 – Les Echos

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The cult series by David Lynch, Twin Peaks, will return to screens soon. Since his arrest in 1991, the program has never ceased to fascinate viewers and many were waiting for a possible return to television adventures of Dale Cooper. This has now been done since David Lynch confirmed by an implicit message on Twitter filming a new season: “Dear Twitter friends: That gum you love will come back in fashion! “ is he writing in reference to a scene from the series, a phrase taken on social networks by Mark Frost, another creator of the program.

A teaser video was also released on the internet, suggesting a possible return for 2016 The plot would take place 25 years later, and answer riddles left unanswered.

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In 1990, Twin Peaks arrives for the first time on screen. David Lynch there is the story of Laura Palmer, a young woman found dead in a lake, wrapped in plastic. The FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, and the local sheriff, Harry Truman, then lead the investigation and come to discover the dark secrets of each other. The plot last time two seasons and will be weakened by a deprogramming. A box of Twin Peaks, addressed the most passionate came out this year, including a prequel and 90 minutes of deleted scenes.

Cecilia Delporte

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