Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Club 300 Screenrush saw “Mommy” by Xavier Dolan! – Screenrush

The 300 Club Screenrush, the club experts and top contributors movie and TV series on French painting. They saw “Mommy” by Xavier Dolan. Verdict …

What is it about?

A single parent widow inherits custody of his son, a teenager with ADHD impulsive and violent. At the heart of their outbursts and difficulties, they try to make ends meet, thanks to the unexpected help of the enigmatic neighbor across the street, Kyla. All three, they find a kind of balance, and soon hope.
Everything about the movie

It comes out when? 8 October 2014

What does the 300 Club Screenrush
Voting results: Excellent: 84% / Property: 8% / Not bad: 8%

A moving film about filial and maternal love, the reconstruction, the resurrection of three beings and the pursuit of happiness the face of adversity.
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Open Critique
Xavier Dolan is a director to follow. He only 25 years old, and this film (his fifth) is astonishing maturity.
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Watch & amp; Write
finally Many adjectives to describe the indescribable trio presented the magician Xavier Dolan. 25 years, 5 films, the theme of motherhood treated several times already, the director is frustrating as he is talented and relevant work.
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Threshold Review
Strange whatsoever with this demonstrative film copy / paste frustrating his debut, which Dolan has suddenly glorified (jury prize at Cannes with Godard) while Mommy has something of the film too.
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The Chronicles of Cliffhanger
Mommy is not perfect because life is made of imperfections and this film is a piece of life , flesh and blood, full of optimism one would like more common. So gorgeous and stunning as dizziness you hugged the heart for a long time
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The Blue Mirror
Each film plane are called to shed their chains. Mommy cries for freedom. Too bad that the conclusion of the extension is done-explanatory echo of what we had already heard, and we were moved to tears earlier.
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My Screens
Xavier Dolan takes us on a whirlwind of emotions, natural and bold, like no feeling little cinema and passing incredibly quickly for a movie over 2 hours. A real heart of rare power to the last frame.
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Carried away by a stunning trio of actors, Mommy is an enthralling film upsetting, deeply human, which affects viscerally
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Upsetting freshness as well as despair, Xavier Dolan gives us a family chronicle that certainly leave you indifferent. Towering 25 years, Dolan has undoubtedly everything a great, incredibly rich in the staging and breathtaking talent to tell stories. Great art.
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Phil Sine
On the screen, the scenes of bravery are connected and multiply: Although Xavier Dolan film the simple life, he does so with an ease, a scale and a phenomenal poetry …
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This is a film with dazzling aesthetic, direction of excellent actors, giving his remarks much flesh as by the visual in writing and does not take off until the very last shots of a tragic beauty breathtaking.
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