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“Daredevil”: first pictures and information on the series from Netflix – The Point

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The small screen is the new playground for Marvel, which seeks to conquer as effectively as the big one. But if the series Agents of SHIELD , which aired on ABC television, has its followers and fans of the genre so watch for that dedicated to Agent Carter, soon to be launched, the project’s most anticipated is Netflix. This is a new launch of Daredevil , eleven years after the film with Ben Affleck, who had disappointed fans. The film rights to the adventures of the blind superhero until recently belonged to 20th Century Fox, but they have fallen into the hands of Disney-Marvel foul start of construction of a series. And so is the number 1 streaming will enjoy.

Judging by the first official photos, the new Daredevil back to basics, and sources directly influenced by the cult version of Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. ( Daredevil: Man without Fear published in 1993). We find it not in his famous red suit but in a black outfit likely hardware store. Matt Murdock, his alter ego in civil cases, is however recognizable with his tan suit and glasses visually impaired.

No hero

Many details of the plot leaked this weekend at Comic-Con in New York. We learn that Rosario Dawson could play “a nurse who works nights,” referring to the character of Night Nurse well known to fans. According to the producer, the character Daredevil is more ambiguous than usual, so that the public will not always be certain “that he wants to see win” between the superhero and his arch enemy, Wilson Fisk, aka ” The Kingpin “. “There are no heroes or villains. These are just people making different choices,” says the show’s creator, Steven DeKnight.

new Daredevil will be violent and less public than the Hollywood blockbuster. “The character will appeal to a slightly more mature audience,” describes the interpreter of Matt Murdock, Charlie Cox. Netflix also promises a more coherent than the usual episodes twists facts for television set. “Finish an episode with a scene of suspense is sterile., We will be able to spend more time on real stories. They will feel that this is a movie 13 hours,” adds Cox. Daredevil will be aired from May 2015 on Netflix. <- end tag inRead ->


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