Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Wars Uncut: The Empire Strikes hacked by fans – Le Figaro

VIDEO – On the official YouTube channel of Lucasfilm, 480 fans fought their own vision of the famous fifth installment of the intergalactic saga signed Irvin Kershner released in 1980 As strange as décoiffant.

Children playing Han Solo in their living room of teens who repeat the romance between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, carvings, collages of clay, a Yoda played by a baby, or replaced by a R2D2 trash: the gigantic and crazy patchwork obtained in Star Wars Uncut , a celebration of the work of George Lucas revised and tinkered by 480 fans of the famous intergalactic saga, which JJAbrams is now a suite with Star Wars VII .

The project Star Wars Uncut has the ambition to offer fans the opportunity to recreate their own saga. It is under the direction of Casey Pugh, a web-developer of 30 who launched the initiative in 2009 mad that this huge task has been possible.

All the sequences of the film are drawn, replayed by amateurs or simply disguised achieved through Lego stop-motion. This new version of The Empire Strikes against has just been put online yesterday on his official YouTube channel Lucasfilms group this note: “This is the testimony of all the talent, imagination and the dedication of the fans Star Wars . “We can not agree more.


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