Sunday, October 12, 2014

François Truffaut, a friend of Hollywood – France Info

François Truffaut had many links with Hollywood as a critic, director and actor.

In the early 60s he met Alfred Hitchcock. This meeting will be published a book reference interviews. The film Fahrenheit 45 1 is one of the first Franco-American co-productions. François Truffaut is also an actor in a film by Steven Spielberg, Encounter of the Third Kind .

On Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fahrenheit 451

In this Last Metro in New York, he is responsible for the meeting between Gerard Depardieu and John Travolta. The two become good friends and the actor will be the French voice of Travolta.

American filmmakers today often reference François Truffaut. David Fisher loves his movies. Wes Anderson said that the filmmaker has really influenced his career.

The cinema of François Truffaut’s auteur films but also films that could speak to the greatest number. It’s probably for this reason that François Truffaut is the great reference of the New Wave in the United States.


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