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Are there a James Bond after Daniel Craig? – The world

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One of the names that comes up most often to succeed Daniel Craig as James Bond is that of Idris Elba (here in Cannes in April 2015), revealed by the series & quot; The Wire & quot; (& quot ; The Wire & quot; VO)

Are there life after Bond? Are there a Bond after Craig? In quick succession, both existential questions arose in full promotion of 007 Spectre in the UK, shortly before its theatrical release in the UK on 26 October.

Asked in early October by the weekly Time Out on its desire to engage in the shooting of another James Bond, Daniel Craig launched: I would rather break the glass and cut my veins with. (…) I had my dose. All I want is to move on. “ A little later he added: ” If I was another James Bond movie, it would be only for the money. “ Skillfully publicized remarks have aroused consternation mixture and questions.

Daniel Craig, 47, who plays Bond for the fourth time since Casino Royale (2006) and has given a new breath to the series, imagine he continue his career without 007? The question seems relevant: If James Bond catapulted to the top of the path of a Sean Connery, he eclipsed the rest of the filmography of Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan. The “license to kill” Bond may therefore threaten the very man who lends him too long his features.

Daniel Craig has also showed the audience his ability to live many more characters the secret agent in respect of steel. He embodied the pioneer of Guillaumet Aeropostale in Saint Ex (1996), but also George Dyer, the lover of painter Francis Bacon in Love is the Devil (1998 ). He turned to Steven Spielberg in Munich (2006) and David Fincher in The Girl with the Dragon Women (2011). In theater, the New Yorkers have discovered in 2013 in Betrayals , Harold Pinter, and end up in the fall 2016 in a Othello , Shakespeare, David Oyelowo

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Fifteen contenders

But the iconoclastic statements of Daniel Craig have mainly boosted the machine to speculate on the name of the future 007. In August, the magazine Esquire had identified no fewer than fifteen possible suitors, like Tom Hardy ( Mad Max: Fury Road , Inception ), Henry Cavill ( Superman ) and Michael Fassbender ( Twelve Years a Slave , Steve Jobs ). Since the “exit” from Craig Time Out , the name that comes up most often is that of Idris Elba, revealed by “The Wire” series (“The Wire” in original).

James Bond black? Bond should be English-English” , had objected Roger Moore early 2015, sparking controversy. Beautiful debate about British identity perspective about Elba, born in London to a Ghanaian mother and a Sierra Leonean father. In 2005, when he was chosen, Daniel Craig, now considered impeccable Bond, was torpedoed by the British tabloids. Blond and not big enough (1.78 m)

But it could, in the end, the British media have been told to Daniel Craig a lot more than what he really thinks. In reality, the actor said that he would prefer “ to slit the veins” rather than shoot another James Bond right now” . But the not yet” was gummed to better make the mayonnaise. He claims that after eight months of exhausting filming his first wish is to unplug [his] brain” and take vacation “ . If he concerned actors who could play Bond after him? Listen he pings, I do not care. Good luck to them ! “

The actor has also put water in his wine afterwards. It will continue the role as long as he will be physically able” , said he was in Mail on Sunday , recalling he signed “for [movie] more”. At the BBC, he admitted that he probably spoke too soon. “I knew accepting the role it would upset my life and it happened. (…) I like playing more than ever because I’ve been involved in all aspects of production. “

Barbara Broccoli, co-producer of Spectrum , wanted to end the sequence on” post-Craig “, stating, November 4, the day before US release: Daniel Craig is our James Bond (…) . We love it and we want to retain it. “ And to explain the weariness expressed by the actor by a kind of postpartum depression: ” You do not ask a woman who has just given birth: “When will you start?” . “


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