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Daniel Craig: “It is rare to have a playground like that of James Bond” – L’Express

After the huge success of Skyfall in 2012, do not you feared failure of inspiration? It is probably difficult to reinvent a character each Bond, right?

Daniel Craig: We have tried to extend that we brought on Skyfall. And especially to imagine an even better scenario, which was not easy. There is now a logical sequel to this character, especially since Sam Mendes finally decided to continue the adventure on a second film. We try new things. Bond has shaped a genre that remains today.

Reread Fleming, Sean Connery look and you will understand who is really James Bond. This is a nice, that gun at all costs! Everything was already in the novels and the first 007. After Fleming and Connery, Bond is not recreated, simply slip into his costume. The world today looks a little more each day that Fleming wrote to the late 1950. The cold war is being reborn from its ashes, illuminated are still there … The British company does finally not so much changed.

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The films are also increasingly black, from Casino Royale …

I will not say more black. Deeper, yes. But Spectrum is not a thriller, as the first images could suggest. There are all the ingredients of a Bond, even if the subject it addresses is fairly new. I’m like everyone else, I’ve always loved the saga, old gadgets, prosecution, humor. But no disrespect to this heritage, today we are in something very different, deeper, more thoughtful. Bond is responsible for all his actions. Eliminate the bad guy, that’s his job. But it can not be a purely gratuitous act.

How do you think you changed James Bond? And, as an actor, what is it that such a character could you bring?

It was how long? Bond has changed my life, it’s obvious, and in many ways. I had never worked on films of such importance. The opening sequence, shot in Mexico, is a concrete example. It is extraordinary, even the movies. And above all, made to the former without digital effects to go faster and spend less. It is perhaps for this reason that the public continues to love these films. Over the years, I feel more relaxed, I take more pleasure to play. I read in the press that Spectrum is perhaps my last Bond, which I will be replaced … I do not mind. I just try, with Sam and the team, to participate in a good film.

modes, including cinema, seem to slide on the saga Bond …

But it would be shooting itself in the foot to want follow the fashions. We would lose more than they would gain. Bond does not really need to go to open up new markets, or follow the zeitgeist. I can not imagine Bond become a superhero, or drown in digital special effects. It would be against-productive and above all artistically dangerous.

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You get involved much in the production of Bond …

This is because I like it, and that production of a Bond has a very family side I like. Everyone puts his hand to the dough. Since the start of filming, there are nearly a year, I’m 100%. But I had worked upstream with the writers and with Sam, to feed the project. We throw ideas and we dissect them. Thus came the idea of ​​the opening sequence during the day of the Dead in Mexico. This time, we wanted to make a different Bond. These are also the changes that make me want to re-enlist each time …

What you will do to a fifth round?

I will not speak. Any player can play James Bond.

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Bond is not it finally a limited character for an actor?

But I’m a limited actor! … I take more pleasure because I also invested in the project. I have actively participated in the genesis of Spectrum, to the script, to production. This represents two years of total immersion, which I think my acting has mitigated fears. Find me with other films such means of such sets, helicopters, hundreds of extras … It is rare for an actor to have a playground like this. This is what is being said with Ben ( Whishaw) and Ralph (Fiennes), part of the family.

But if Monica Bellucci and Christoph Waltz joined us, it is perhaps that the project holds water, the scenario worth seeing. These are players that did not need to turn in a James Bond, unless the adventure is worth the blow. With such a cast, it’s a godsend for an actor like me. I took more pleasure in turning Spectrum than all other films together.

Such filming he does not become harder with age?

Physically, yes, but this has always been the case. My body is strained. I broke a leg bone, I came home at night with blue and crippled with pain. But at the same time, I am as happy as a kid. I pursue the wicked, I jump from a helicopter right in Mexico. I drove a new Aston Martin, traveled from Mexico to Rome, via Tangiers. The fully dressed in Tom Ford. I will not even complain when …

Your favorite movie saga?

From Russia with Love. But I quote a different movie every time I get asked the question!


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