Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No miracle for Angel and Gabrielle – Le Figaro

CRITIQUE – Patrick Bruel and Isabelle Carré met for the first time at the cinema in a romantic comedy with French banal to cry

This is the new policy of major distributors. Once a French film flirts a bit with the romantic comedy, critics are requested now hold the candle to go elsewhere. “No, we do not show it,” it warns. Hear: not all the press. Should we feel guilty at this point Angel and Gabrielle , signed Anne Giafferi romance, for subtract and the judgment of these killjoy of journalists and other hacks without heart? The real innocence should be ashamed of anything. Not even this adaptation of The Awakening camel , part Murielle Magellan by the director of Who wants to be loved? and the first two seasons of the television series Do not do this, not do that.

Faced with the steamroller 007 Spectre is a license to love that is granted by Ange (Patrick Bruel), boss of a seductive architectural firm, and Gabrielle (Isabelle Carré), Pharmacist beautiful areas, which, as in the refrain of Goldman, made a baby alone. Irremediable reproduction of family pattern, Claire, daughter Gabrielle is pregnant. At 17 years old. Whose ? Simon, son Ange has not recognized. Which, watch things get complicated a bit, will not acknowledge in turn the unborn child. Gabrielle then asks Angel to intervene with Simon and thus become, suddenly a single father and grandfather. The following ? One guesses, written in pink ink in the scenario of this feature film that wavers between sitcom and (bad) filmed theater.

Laurent Stocker of the Comédie-French lends Unfortunately, this game of love and bazaar in the loden good gay friend who will eventually marry. Patrick Bruel quinqua heartthrob is known. Isabelle Carré in some Brindezingue charm, one begins again to be used. But beyond this lack of originality in the compositions, it is especially a shame to have been able to afford such good actors to direct such a clumsy way. Very distantly inspired by the American romantic comedy, the situations are an ordinary crying. It is allowed to not like.


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