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An American week 7 “Vinyl”, “11/22/63″ and “Love” – ​​Télé

The midseason 2015-2016 American series marks the launch of many new products. Every Friday Sérierama an update. This week, three highly anticipated works, “Vinyl”, “11/22/63″ and “Love”.

By spring, forty new series will make their debut overseas. Some will be visible to us (those of Netflix, for example), others wait their time to find a hexagonal distribution. We look at all drivers, including the worst. We criticize this blog, in detail, the most anticipated and the most successful of them. And, for completeness, we make a complete turn critical news of the week every Friday. It continues with an upscale week, embodied by three big names: Martin Scorsese, Stephen King and Judd Apatow. Balance sheet in order of distribution.

Vinyl (HBO)


The most anticipated series this 2016 year beginning, freshly renewed for season 2, will play probably long tension between a pilot and non-standard work that follows. Opening, stunning introduction by Martin Scorsese, is undoubtedly one of the craziest episodes of recent years. Excessive, virtuosic, stunning music and movement awesome cameras. It takes into the ball like Richie Finestra drowned in the pit. But after ? The nose still white coke, whistling ears, gaze suddenly more critical, the following episodes. Judging tics, the mass of references to subjects of subtexts and characters. Vinyl should he limited to a great Martin Scorsese or become a series about the length? Our response on Monday Télé Meanwhile, do not spit into the whiskey. His driver is a slap, a treat, a visually flawless and superiorly madness incarnate. It would be wrong not to drink until losing balance. See Monday on OCS City. full review here.

11/22/63 (Hulu)

@ Hulu

Stephen King goes wrong in series. Haven , as nice as it is, was quickly forgotten. Under the dome , fun entertainment, has become the laughing stock of criticism. Dead Zone was never a classic … 11/22/63 she episodic save the honor of the master of the “page turner” fantastic? Perhaps. But dull. Produced by J. J. Abrams and played by James Franco, this adaptation of 11/22/63 is primarily a historical thriller with investigating the assassination of JFK and careful reconstruction of the time. But his great touch, especially his scary thinking about the past resistance to any attempt to change from our present plot. Too bad its staging and its narration are too wise. full review here.

Love (Netflix)

Netflix @

The anti-romantic comedy booming. Judd Apatow, used movies where love lollipop in hand (if not in c … but returns in fine in the row) is involved benefit as Girls in this romance that ignores if spleen is fair, is looking for … Daring lengths, long dialogues, variable time scales, Love aptly captures the loneliness of single thirtysomething haunted by its past and terrified of his future. It takes advantage of the excellence of its actors, Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust (also co-creator), which allow us to attach ourselves to his characters. The account is however not quite side humor, with excellent, easy and heavy. Better to come Love for the feelings, emotion, attachment, that to keep the ribs. Available on Netflix France. full review here


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