Saturday, February 20, 2016

The next Umberto Eco’s book comes out in March in Italy – Le Monde

Umberto Eco, Italian writer, in the library of his house in Milan, Italy.

the death of Umberto Eco, disappeared Saturday, February 19 at the age of 84 years in Milan, deprives Italy one of his greatest intellectuals. All newspapers of the peninsula – at least those who were able to overcome the constraint of the closure to give the space that this event deserves – commemorate the death of one who has “able to transform novel science” , “the writer who changed Italian culture” . Extremely rare, the daily La Repubblica – informed first by the family – devotes the first two pages to this “whiskey lover of puns and Middle Ages” under the title “Addio Umberto.”

If the obituaries linger on the work of the semiotician, philosopher, novelist, artist of modernity, columnist, if they emphasize the notoriety Eco and influence abroad, it also portrays a man, ironic and engaged in both teaching at the University of Bologna and in its public statements. Many sites, such as the Corriere della Sera , published his most famous statements, including the following: “the one who does not read at age 70 will have lived a life : hers. Reading has lived 5000 years. “

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The tributes are many. Matteo Renzi, President of the Board, who presented the writer François Hollande during the latter’s visit to the World Expo in Milan, greets a “extraordinary example of European intellectual who was a unique understanding the past with an unquenchable ability to anticipate the future “. President Sergio Mattarella reminds “a man full of passion citizen” . Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister also paid tribute to his former colleague at the University of Bologna. “Milan is sad and poor,” has said his side Virginio Merola, mayor of the city, which will be held Tuesday, February 23 secular funeral of Umberto Eco.

Against Berlusconi and Alzheimer

Death forever? History Publisher Umberto Eco, Mario Andreose, announced a few hours after the death of the writer, the publication of a new book called Pape Satan Alleppe (a Dante’s verse that means nothing , taken from the seventh book of Hell ) and subtitled “chronicles of a liquid society” a company which he sought the meaning. This book is a collection of his weekly collaborations for the magazine L’Espresso he had had time to proofread.

Pape Satan Alleppe will be published by the new publishing house La Nave di Teseo that the author of “Name of the rose” helped found in December 2015. Along with other shareholders, he intended to drive a wedge the monopoly created in the Italian edition after buying the house Rizzoli by Mondadori, owned by the Berlusconi family. On this occasion, he said: “This project is a way for me to fight against Alzheimer’s disease. This is more efficient than the crossword. “


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