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Leonardo DiCaprio, the faultless a former leading man – L’Express

Leonardo DiCaprio in 1998 had all the young first “ephemeral” which risked being crushed by the role of his life: the unforgettable and magnetic Jack Dawson in Titanic . Eighteen years later, the actor, who is still waiting for the Oscar this Sunday is a must in Hollywood.

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Of course, this iconic role, who seduced a generation of young girls, still haunts him, evidenced by the recent controversy and umpteenth on the character. But man has matured and managed to shed its status as Adonis. Since then he has skillfully builds his film charts. What to rival a generation of actors. At 41, he is also one of the few “star children” to be able to transform the test.

A career almost without fail

On its website, Leonardo DiCaprio is defined by three numbers: 1993, 27 and 200. The year “1993″ brand his first major film roles in a movie alongside Robert de Niro and another with Johnny Depp.

“27″ represents the number of films in which he played. Only The Beach Danny Boyle and Quick and the Dead Sam Raimi are few false notes in his career. During filming of the latter, Sharon Stone itself pays the stamp of the actor. Its producers are not convinced by DiCaprio. She needed this.

Finally, “200″ are the nominations and awards received. Today, the press has eyes for him. This Sunday, he might win an Oscar for her role in The Revenant . A well deserved prize? Probably. The statuette has eluded him five times, to the surprise of the public and critics. So far, DiCaprio refused to campaign to win the statuette. A strategic error that has not repeated this year.

A magnetic actor

In 1993, the young man became known by playing a young disabled alongside Johnny Depp in Gilbert Grape. A remarkable performance. “DiCaprio has always been a very good actor, ever since his first films. He has a taste for composition and metamorphoses” says Thierry Chèze, a journalist with the magazine Studio Ciné Live . “For the record, his performance in this film is striking. On the set, some thought it was really disabled. Leonardo DiCaprio likes to transform and credible in all roles,” says Thierry Chèze.

His first under the aegis of Robert De Niro in the same year will mark forever his career in the film The es secret wounds. From Niro mark at the time the young prodigy and talking to some Martin Scorsese, who became one of his favorite directors. The first collaboration between the two men dates back to 2002 with Gangs of New York alongside Cameron Diaz and Daniel Day-Lewis. “Between De Niro and DiCaprio, filiation is evident,” said Eric Libiot, editor of Culture in L’Express.

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A career strategy

Titanic allows the young player to make the films he prefers. Now, his choice fell on the roles he likes or darker, complex, violent or tortured. “DiCaprio is both very popular, with a very cerebral game. He embodies the method of the Actor Studio” notes Eric Libiot. This first global success, DiCaprio manages to capitalize. “It represents Hollywood, he insists. That is to say, the arrival of blockbusters and social networks. The American industry only works with players like him. So he chose the movies he loves. it is, for example, the producer Wolf of Wall Street . ”

If Leonardo DiCaprio turns to the rhythm of a film per year, is still the major filmmakers of sides. “It places the director above all. It is also for this reason that Scorsese has played this role in his career. Taxi Driver is one of the movies that has the stronger, says Florence Colombani, journalist and author of Leonardo DiCaprio , published Cahiers Du Cinéma. the man has a very European view movies. ”

Its strength: not knowing in the wilderness. “Leonardo DiCaprio knows both handle scarcity and term notes Thierry Chèze. It has a perfect CV, having worked with top directors such as Spielberg, Scorsese, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Tarantino, Mendes. He is looking great roles. This is the opposite strategy of Jake Gyllenhaal, who however turns to young directors little known. ” This could be one of the criticisms of this career. “From this point of view, it takes little risk,” says Eric Libiot.

A bulky celebrity

Above all, Leonardo DiCaprio control everything, especially about his image. As reminiscent of the The Inrocks , the star in the Oscar race tries to forget his appearance in a documentary subversive Don’s Plum on his youth, where he appeared as “violent in his words, vulgar and misogynistic. ” Far from its smooth image Romeo + Juliet or Titanic the young man was coasting with other actors his age, including Tobey Maguire and Kevin Connolly .

“They (the filmmakers) have introduced things like going to clubs to destroy me stupidly, fight and sleep with all the pretty girls, he told the New York Times , says T he Independent , adding: “people want you to be mad teenager and out-of-control. They want you to be unhappy like them. They do not want heroes. What they want is to see you fall. “

Celebrity is painful for him.” With Titanic , he lived as a burden his inner life. However, it has the elegance of never complain, says Florence Colombani. In Aviator , DiCaprio shows the violence of celebrity that crazy. In the scene where he confronts the photographers, the character is disturbed by the incessant flashes and the world. This scene can serve as a metaphor for his relationship with celebrity. This echoes its own experience “

The art of longevity

DiCaprio does not forget that he is interested in this business.: the “longevity.” at 18, the film Gilbert Grape offers her first Oscar nomination in a supporting role. in an interview with the Los Angeles Times , he proof of age of an incredible maturity. He said not wanting to be the latest in fashion. Leonardo will last. a sincere and relevant vow that he will work to achieve.

on social networking, Leonardo DiCaprio is also very active. Unlike actors and actresses generation, he speaks little of his films, even in full promotion, only for his commitment to the environment. Thus, it becomes thicker and respectability . its foundation, founded in 1998 claims to have received 30 million dollars in funding, representing 65 organizations supported. “It begs the question of his sincerity. In interview, he held his speech on the subject, but has the merit of talking, notes Eric Libiot. This is his way of being both within the system and outside the system “an agreement in place with the man and the actor

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