Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rain of tributes in France for the Francophile Umberto Eco, who died at 84 – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – “Unforgettable Character” for the filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, “humanist huge” for Hollande or “creative genius” for Audrey Azoulay, tributes to the Italian writer Umberto Eco and Francophile, who died in 84 years, have multiplied in France Saturday.

“This is a model, an unforgettable character. It was both a great scholar and a very good living,” he told AFP director Jean-Jacques Annaud has adapted to film in 1986 the famous novel “the name of the rose.”

“one day, I hear a beautiful flute solo was Umberto who played Vivaldi, said the filmmaker. After, we went to a local bar, pasta with cheese which he guzzler. that was Umberto. a character of mirth “who” had a kind gluttony, joy to wade through knowledge. “

” Umberto Eco was interested in everything, “stressed François Hollande,” because he thought that everything is a sign in a society. This great scholar was as comfortable in medieval history in the comics he was one of the first academics to defend in the 1960s. “

” This is a European awareness that we leaves, “tweeted the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who sees him as” a great storyteller. “

for the Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault,” Umberto Eco embodied and perpetuated genius Europe, the mixing of cultures, dialogue between languages ​​and civilizations and crossroads of epochs. “

Umberto Eco was” a creative genius whose work has crossed the borders of the world of letters and ideas “, praised his side the Minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay. “His ideas, his sense of narrative and malicious writing will forever”

His French publisher, Olivier Nora, CEO of Grasset & amp Editions;. Fasquelle, “honored the memory of the greatest living scholars, the merrier scholars, the most jovial of writers, the most generous of artists (…): the epitome of gay Science “

– ‘Grazie mille Umberto’ –


“It was round flesh, heart and square of mind,” recalls Jean-Noël Schifano, who translated for 30 years all of his novels in french. “Roundness in touch, kindness, listening, and at the same time square in the vivacity, replicas, capturing the realities,” said he told AFP, also citing a great Francophile, who recited Cyrano de Bergerac tirades.

Laurent Binet, Interallié award for “the seventh function of language”, “it was both a man who gave proof of great intellectual rigor and a lot of humor, a sense of play. ” He “was able to talk about advertising or make the analysis of 50,000 lire a ticket as if it were a literary text,” said he told AFP.

On Twitter, the death of the Italian writer was the most commented topic in France.

“the European culture lost one of its greatest advocates. the sum of its literary and academic work will be his legacy” Nicolas Sarkozy has responded to the social network. “Thanks to Umberto Eco for the pleasure of reading that he gave us. And his vision of Europe, true to the culture”, echoed his rival, Mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppe.

“to perceive the meaning at all, give it to grasp, is it more urgent in these times of confusion and manipulation?” noted the former Minister Christiane Taubira on Twitter.

“the Name of the Rose, grazie mille”, launched Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman of the government. Former culture minister Fleur Pellerin also said “goodbye” to Umberto Eco in a tweet in Italian.

The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo expressed his account of his “deep sadness see from this novelist, philosopher, linguist and universal humanist “.

” a Umberto Eco, was given a word and the word was immediately up in his mind two memories, 3 stories and 4 reflections, “he tweeted journalist Bernard Pivot.


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