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Calais jungle: the mirage of evacuation – Liberation

On Tuesday at 20 pm, all the inhabitants of the southern area of ​​the “jungle” of Calais, men, women and children, must have decamped. Given the lack of alternatives to slum offered to Afghan migrants, Syrian, Sudanese, Eritrean, Iranian living there while waiting to pass an illegal crossing to England, eight associations have appealed. After the British artists including Jude Law, who was in the jungle Sunday, associations and artists, including Agnès b. and Guy Bedos, asked in World to cancel the deportation. The ombudsman for children was in Calais Monday to ask special attention to young refugees. The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, for his part, said the expulsion would be “progressive, by persuasion and respect for the dignity of persons” . In this jungle installed a year ago at the behest of the state to remove migrants from downtown, the question exiles is: from where to go

Why? evacuate the “jungle” no use

What is likely to happen, as the closure of Sangatte, like when Eric Besson did dismantle Afghan jungle 2009 – to a few hundred meters from the present: migrants will scatter, enter wandering. It has already begun. For months the border was tightened in Calais, migrants watch schedules ferry from Dieppe, Cherbourg, Caen-Ouistreham, on their smartphone, try their luck at Zeebrugge, or make round trips in other jungles of region, as Norrent-Fontes or Steenvoorde. Everywhere in these cities, there are small jungles

Migrants have the opportunity to go in the white container of the jungle. – Entry imprint of the palm of the hand, no cooking facilities – where there is 200 seats, or in reception and orientation centers set up throughout France, where they can “think” and seek asylum. Or 800 places for “800 to 1,000 people” in “southern zone” of the jungle, according to the prefecture. According Auberge Help Refugees and migrants, they are 3450, including 300 unaccompanied minors, and 90 minors who have family in the UK. The account is not there, but the state guarantees that will make room for all. He knows that the exiles are aimed England and 800 seats, is a lot. Finally, assuming that all these people leaving Calais to seek asylum in France, that he is going to happen with the newcomers? Migrants will continue to come and run aground in northern France. In other jungles, in squats. .? But still there

Why do migrants do not want to stay in France

First, they want to work: a France over 10% unemployment is not attractive. The British system seems to them more flexible and promising – they hope there often find relatives already settled, while in France, many remain isolated, without network for jobs. And they have drooled so much to arrive there for months or even years of misery on the roads and seas, they will not give up so close.

Then the procedure for asylum in France is long and binding: it involves many months, sometimes years, unable to work and without access yet a housing provided by law, the accommodation is insufficient. Finally, the refugees feel good anti-migrant atmosphere. They are not welcome, as Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, reminded them. France does not create conditions for them to remain, and did everything that they do not come.

Why is Britain so attractive?

with an unemployment rate at 5.2%, the lowest rate in a decade, a very flexible labor market, the prospect of finding a job, even poorly paid and unskilled, is attractive. The majority of migrants come to work (43%) or study (36%). Only 17% are looking to join the UK a member of their family, according to The Migration Observatory at Oxford University. English is also a factor: many candidates for exile have taught as a second language and will be easier to integrate. Meanwhile, the education system plays an important role. The UK was in 2013 the country hosting more international students after the United States.

Finally, there are the family and cultural connections, especially with some Commonwealth countries. There are UK strong Eritrean community installed since the 70 and 80. The networks already in place for easy installation. Eritreans are the first refugee community in the UK, before the Pakistanis and Syrians, according to the Bureau of the British statistics.

However, the benefit system is not necessarily more generous than elsewhere in Europe. For an asylum seeker, the only aid received is about 35 pounds (45 euros) per week, the time that the claim be examined (six to eighteen months). An asylum seeker has no right to work and receive temporary housing.

What about “Brexit”?

The question of Calais will play an important role in the campaign for the referendum on leaving the United Kingdom of the European Union. The jungle for months in the heart of the debate, including the most uninformed. The Eurosceptic press, the Daily Mail and Sun in the first place, have repeatedly hit the France and its inability to manage the candidates for exile arrested Calais. Forgetting to return to the facts. The agreement was signed at Le Touquet February 4, 2003, during a bilateral summit between London and Paris by Nicolas Sarkozy, then interior minister, and his British counterpart David Blunkett, outside the EU framework. The text aims to “strengthen the Franco-British cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration” . As London remains outside the Schengen agreement, bilateral agreements are needed to strengthen border controls. He Touquet comes just after the closure of the Sangatte camp, which initially housed refugees from Kosovo. Technically, the British border is moved to the boarding point for potential refugees. Knowing Calais. Over the years, the monitoring and management of refugees has increasingly relied on the French authorities.

In September 2014, the two countries create a common fund to strengthen the fight against illegal immigration illegal. London finance totaling EUR 15 million and agrees to be “responsible with France urgent measures and long term that must be implemented” . Today, not from the camp to the “Brexit” invokes the risk that in case of EU output, France denounces this agreement and suggests the UK to reinstall its border on its shores. The jungle could then carry it.

Michel Henry Haydee Sabéran Sonia Delesalle-Stolper


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