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“Thanks boss !” : When Bernard Arnault is trapped by a couple of unemployed – Marianne

Sometimes the wire pathos without pay in the tearful, François Ruffin a strong presence on the screen sequence of the wild journey Klur as a comical odyssey. And also gives credibility as a legitimate fight, one of the weak against the strong. The mechanics may seem bit but she manages to stage with strength and humanity, away from numbers and macroeconomics, the dramatic damage of the race with the relocation and finance dictates.

Disrupting an AG LVMH, the threat that hits
one of the strongest sequences of Thanks boss! , turned during the years 2013 and 2014, has just been an excerpt from report Special Envoy , in which the boss of a huge Bulgarian textile factory producing LVMH designer clothes the details of any strategy good multinational: “Maybe in a year or two, it will transfer a small unit in Greece, because nobody knows how it will evolve here, it is possible that wages continue to rise, so we will run out of affordable workforce next three years. While there will be plenty of people unemployed in Greece “.

Klur, themselves, remain in Forest-en-Cambrésis and with the help of Ruffin strategist, pulling the strings of a conspiracy that will fool sleuths security LVMH . For the multinational, discretion is a golden rule: at the slightest wave, the share price may fluctuate dangerously angry and very red shareholders. So the plotters quickly foresee that their main pressure lever holds the promise to shake the good order of general meetings of the group, where we prefer serving champagne to suffer longer eligible unemployed. In a large bluff skillfully conducted, Ruffin and protected wave the red flag of “Goodyears,” Jean-Luc Mélenchon and other agitators like so many scarecrows ready to sweep the next GA group.

hidden cameras and microphone hidden in a stuffed cat
is so striking to note how LVMH promptly sent directly negotiate Forest-en-Cambrésis one of its officials security – the leader of this group in the sector being none other than Bernard Squarcini, the former head of the DCRI, very close to Nicolas Sarkozy. From the outset, the former commissioner appointed by Squarcini and LVMH in the North, ridiculed by the hidden camera and microphone hidden in a stuffed cat, hastens to the debts of the couple and offer a Serge Klur CDD 6 months, then a CDI, Carrefour Landrecies

with an obsession, the silence. “we lead the firm should not be that at some point, we can. that I let myself be moved by you or I know not what, “ adds negotiator, frightened at the idea of ​​being accountable to the ” 200 others were transferred “ . And the emissary of LVMH concluded, referring to Bernard Arnault: “it is billionaire huh, good for him, but somewhere, as you say, it still has a strand. humanity “. A stranded here boils down mainly to the recovery of seven letters, the Northerner couple preparing to send to the press and some politicians. TNT to spook LVMH: “Each letter is a ball, and there was one that could have fly” he loose the Klur .

Ultimately , the letters remain without addressee and therefore harmless. The film should do more damage, especially if the promotion of the latter suffered the wrath of censorship. According to the team Fakir contacted by Marianne and site Still Images , Europe 1 and would. An act of solidarity between friends billionaires, Europe 1 is owned by Arnaud Lagardère? Finally, the director will be the guest of Jean-Michel apathy on Wednesday in Europe 1 South. But the film crew cites other cases of censorship in the media, less direct, but that could be explained by the fact that LVMH is one of the main advertisers of the French press …

Thank you boss! preview

The documentary by François Ruffin can still be seen in preview in a few rooms before its national release February 24
– February 22 in Chelles, the Cosmos, 20.30
– Feb. 25 in Montreuil, at the cinema Le Méliès (time to be confirmed)
– on February 29 in Fontenay-sous-Bois, the Kosmos, 20.30


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