Monday, February 22, 2016

Six migrants tried to Boulogne to be mounted on a ferry – Liberation

Eight protesters, including six migrants are considered Monday in Boulogne-sur-Mer to be installed in January on a ferry in the port of Calais by forcing a dam, when the government hardens its attitude towards this population that wants to force him to leave the emergency “jungle”.

at the root of this incident that led to three hours in port blocking January 23, an event of migrants, activists and supporters from several European countries. They demanded the opening of the border with the United Kingdom where they hope to run better days and escape the precarious conditions of the “jungle” camp located east of Calais, where 3,700 refugees are still living according to prefecture.

Some 2,000 people marched in the streets of the port city, echoing a similar important event in mid-September, at which several international NGOs were involved.

but unprecedented event, the end of the afternoon groups had broken a fence to climb aboard the “Spirit of Britain” from Dover and parked in the harbor. Fifty people were able to board on the 150 who entered the port area.

Around 8:30 p.m., after three hours of blocking, migrants and militants were evacuated by police . 24 migrants and 11 No Border activists were arrested.

The event had a strong impact and revived the debate on how to protect the port, the economic heart of the area, against insecurity. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve promised “total strength of the state” against such incidents

-. The ‘atrocities’ committed –

The intrusion on the ferry had occurred when the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais buckled in the quiet removal of between 500 and 700 migrants living on a 100 m deep strip dominated by the port bypass. The aim was to prevent confrontations between CRS and migrants trying to board the trucks leaving for England.

Meanwhile the trial of Boulogne, the state undertakes a second phase of this plan, ‘much greater extent. He asked it nine days ago to 1,000 to 2,000 migrants, according to sources, the southern half of the slum to evacuate by Tuesday 8:00 p.m., otherwise the police will intervene.

In a statement Friday, the prefecture adopted an alarmist tone, speaking of “atrocities” committed by migrants “are causing a worsening of the voltage level” with “population in Calais over the last three weeks. “

the prefecture in particular said he” found daily (…) throwing projectiles against the vehicles of road users and the security forces. ” It also denounced “abuses committed against migrants by members of small groups radicalized individuals around the camp.”

The migrants forced to leave their shelters choose between mainstream Provisional Reception Centre (CAP, 1,500 seats) consisting of heated containers, launched in January, and visit one of the 98 reception and guidance centers (CAD) spread in France.

These options are considered “far needs and problems “with eight organizations including Médecins du Monde, Emmaus and Cimade, who asked in an open letter to Bernard Cazeneuve to defer decommissioning. “The characteristics of housing (CAP) are below international standards”, also criticized the Inn of migrants on Sunday in a statement to AFP.

One hundred and ten migrants associations have filed an action for interim relief before the Lille administrative court for the suspension of the decree prefectural, said Sunday to AFP the lawyer Julie Bonnier. According to her, the judge must go on Tuesday morning in the “jungle”. The court hearing will take place in the aftermath, at 14:00



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