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Eagles of Death Metal at the Olympia: “Veni, vidi, vici” – The Obs

What the show is. And the show was. And how ! Eagles of Death Metal have returned to Paris, Tuesday, February 16, to “finish the concert,” brutally interrupted by three terrorists there three months. This is the Olympia which hosted the California rock band and 900 survivors and relatives of the 90 victims of November 13 and other spectators from there by support.

The evening begins in a quiet excitement. Police vans and metal barriers mark out the entire front of the legendary theater. It must pass four dams inspections by beefy: seats for verification and identification, opening bags and coats. Passing through a metal detector. Then re-check the seats and bags, kit to the bottom. And finally palpation: women on one side, men on the other. A safe armada intended to reassure the audience, traumatized.

“The anxiety attacks, we can not predict”

After the red carpet, they are there, sitting on the steps to the bar to get a beer whistle. You would think a normal concert, if they were serious mines and reluctance to talk to the press. In all, it took an effort to come here, sometimes colossal. Defy his fear that he will take upon itself when the lights go out and the riffs will suffer ears. While hoping to succeed in letting go, to have a good time. As before.

Thomas (*), 30, a researcher, is there with Camille, 30 also a teacher. They “remained locked” at the Bataclan. For them, it was clear to be here tonight, but really not easy. “I come to pay tribute to those who remained in the hall, a festive tribute like them,” says Thomas anxiously. “We want to communicate together with the group, in a moment of brotherhood. As it started on 13 November.” They feel better from a fortnight. Even going to the movies had hitherto of Calvary paces. Camille reveals:

It was not long ago that we finally admitted that we would recover. But tonight, we are allowed to cross if ever it will not. “

The anxiety attacks come without warning.” There is nothing rational in there, it ‘ just physical, says the couple. We can not predict: it’s going well and suddenly, it hits us “

” Preventing the risk of decompensation “

<. img src="" alt="" width="645" /> Concert Eagles of Death Metal. (AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET)

Ready to intervene, 25 psychologists wear badges Eight points of discussion were provided, away They recognize the hint… yes, that concert three months after the tragedy, it’s early, “We just have accompanied the will of the group. By offering our assistance to their box production, “said Sabrina Bellucci, director of Inavem (Institute victim support and mediation). It should prevent the risk of decompensation of over-reaction.”


Sophie, survivor Bataclan: “I force myself to accept this wounded body”

professional crossing their fingers. “The positive is that it is not a tribute concert. It can allow survivors of the loop, turn the page, explains Caroline Mayenne, a clinical psychologist.

If people come tonight, it’s already that they are able to take the subway or the car, to be enclosed in a confined space. Those are the worst will not be present. the risk is that they are taken tremor, tachycardia, there is revival of the original scene. “

the group will not play” Kiss the Devil, “the song interrupted by gusts. “This song is dead, like people,” Sabrina Bellucci loose.

In the room, Emilie, 23, eyes ringed with kohl, awaits the arrival of the artists. It comes in tribute. She comes to heal, too. “It’s a cap. I hope to move on,” she coward. “People are tired,” summarizes Jeremy, who has remained hidden for two hours in the boxes. Last night he slept badly. “We know it will be charged in emotion, but what emotions?”

In a corner, a couple stands back. Stéphane, 38, laborer, beer in hand, said:

We were not at the Bataclan. We just express Strasbourg. Personally, I needed it. But we are embarrassed vis-à-vis the people who were there on 13 November. We fear it is taken for voyeurism. “

Some people have crutches, a plaster. There are tattoos and t-shirts skull, shaved and big beards skulls, . public rockers, metalheads, but not as Philippe Manoeuvre, the rock critic, is also there, with mirror glasses It is harangued by the children of the rock. “Philippe, Philippe!” people are looking at him. . Do they want to retrieve comrades in misfortune, crossed into the horror of November 13, lost to since? the first part relaxes the room. A good time pass quarter and the jaws décrispent, heads start to nod .

“I love you so much, motherfuckers!”

Jesse Hughes, the sentimentalo-macho-pro-gun singer will take everything. 21:10 here he tumbles on stage like a ring. he wears a red cape lined with white boxer ready to fight. No more to let it rot by wild, “this shit” as he summarized. In the background, Jacques Dutronc sings “It’s five o’clock, Paris wakes up …” Two large posters “I only want you”, derived from those of the US military who recruited, with the hat Rican pointing a finger decided, defy the room. Jesse launches “I love you so much, motherfuckers!” Struck his heart, puts his hands visor before his rose-colored glasses to watch the public, his dear public.

 Concert Eagles of Death Metal. (AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET)

It was a crazy charisma, a sexy boy lame with his jeans and red suspenders. Guitarist Dave Catching smooth his long white beard. The drummer is the beautiful dragging a comb through her hair ironically, half or reading a magazine when he is laid off. The guys are true to their reputation. They do show, swing mediators, towels with which they pay off their sweat.

There are third degree of humor to the request, and we measure all the more the absurdity had to qualify the Satan worshipers … the audience instantly turns to ecstasy. The floor began to sway, beer glasses are reversed in the sleeves, hops flowing along the arms, everyone oscillates pogote, the hands go up, index and little finger raised to the sky, a sign rallying rockers.

the taste of rock and revenge

it is tight, gently heckled, but with precautions for each other as there are n has not in a normal concert. Everyone pays attention to all. Too little girls climbing on the shoulders of the boys to see better. Women and men are raised to heaven by dozens of hands. A basketball above, then a bunch of women, laced up to the knee. It’s hot. Jesse was the fan in the face, which makes him quiver in her hair like crazy clips.

He slips a blue-white-red scarf on his shoulders. A young woman with red mane takes off his shirt, his black sports bra on her tattoos, her naked belly. And we like to enjoy to have a body to move, hands to shake. From being of flesh and blood, throbbing to the sound of good old rock. We feel the taste of revenge, the simple joy of life, to want to enjoy, to log out, leaving the evil guitars take possession of itself. Eagles of Death Metal are precisely for that, and they succeed.

When the concert, after the end of the guitar solos, finishes while nobody wants that, happiness is tinged of pain. Spectators hug, hugs from the US. Eyes are clouded. On leaving the room, a young woman was in tears in the arms of a friend. The concert ended well for all of them, but it will never be completed for 90 people mowed whose soul hovered above the public.


This is the best show they’ve ever given. Everyone was afraid to be in a sad mood in a psychological unit: it has not happened. It was a real atmosphere of concert, with people laughing and drinking glasses. For me it is the best answer to what happened. It is also a step completed. “

According to psychologists mobilized, the night was quiet. For Sophie, injured his calf at the Bataclan, the concert airs victory. His therapist had advised her to go to that extent that the show could end without drama. she was paralyzed has lived backstage in “full access”. she even got to meet the band. on his Twitter feed, she smiled . happiness in the tattooed arms of Jesse and proclaims: “Veni, vedi, vici, I fucking made it.” (sic)

Cécile Deffontaines

(*) Some names have been changed


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