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Death of François Dupeyron, a troublemaker film round – L’Obs

At the time it passes the last door, a personality is automatically adorned with all virtues. Talent, charm, intelligence, nothing was missing. Both the announcement of the death of François Dupeyron, 65, on Thursday 25 February, she leaves you speechless. Because, yes, he possessed all these qualities, and a lot more. So here, François Dupeyron was uncommon.

Who, logically enough, never did anything like everyone else, even if it is true that the first lurch of his career was not its done.

1987. Dupeyron, 37, a former student of the IDHEC, director of several short acclaimed films, preparing his first. The story of the game, on a motorway service area, a woman that her husband has just dropped and a stranded motorist. The title, “Strange Place for a meeting,” is found, the project format is that most of the early films, modest budget and therefore without stars.

But then, the ultimately, following several small miracles, Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu will be the interpreters. The film will be released in October 1988, the actress will receive a César, the director will obtain two (Best first film and best screenplay, he writes Dominique Faysse, his partner) and Nathalie Cardone one of the best female hope.

this is what, years later, in spring 2013, it will appoint nicely under the term “luxury of the poor”. Poor, indeed, the filmmaker was in the fact that his ambition is badly adapted to the contours of the French production. How someone who had Deneuve and Depardieu for actors and whose first film was successful he may then wish to make films that their format intended to remain in the shadows?

Between film author and mainstream cinema

Because yes, François Dupeyron is an author, with his world to him, his requirements, his style, his reluctance to meet the agreed proposals. Result, as he said himself, he always found the “between two stools”. Between art film and mainstream cinema. And this contradiction accompanied him throughout his life.

There was “The Machine”, based on the novel of René Beletto with Depardieu and Nathalie Baye, then “The Officer’s Ward “derived from the novel by Marc Dugain, on the casualties of the Great War, disfigured for life. The film was presented at Cannes in competition in 2001. There were also “Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran”, based on the book by Eric Emmanuel Schmidt, and that one he could have avoided probably, although Omar Sharif there was excellent. Is that Dupeyron was launched then, alongside his Michèle and Laurent Pétin producers on an updating of “Journey to the End of the Night”, a true madness that will never see the day, whose script exists.

There were also, there was above all, all these films that nobody wanted and he realized roughly “in tears” of “A heart that beats” with Dominique Faysse (1991), his latest, “My soul by you healed” (2013), through “What is life?” (1999), with Jacques Dufilho and Eric Caravaca, on the peasantry, “Inguelezi” (2004), which followed the journey of a young Kurd dreaming of England, and in that time there was little question of migrants, and even “Help yourself and heaven will help you” (2008), a portrait of a group of residents of a suburban building, movie profoundly original and touching, with Felicity Wouassi, gorgeous, and the great Claude Rich.

The beautiful story of “My soul by you healed”

and Dupeyron wrote, he wrote very well, and his books are worth reading. He wrote because he loved it, but also because his film projects often were refused. To the point that in 2012 he had decided that for him, it was all finished film: for five years, his scripts were returned to him, along with the “reading notes” nobody knows who they are from and who link, it depends, too high amount of “bad words” or state that “the subject is not treated”

too many humiliations for one man, Dupeyron fails.:

one morning long ago, I woke up with this idea of ​​a guy who has the gift of healing by laying on of hands, I tried to write a screenplay, I am not happened, so I made a novel. “

Roman be published by Léo Scheer entitled” Every man for himself, God does not care “(2009). S it failed to write the screenplay is that it is censored, imagining the negative reactions of television channels, without which no film can do, “I said no, I can not write that, it will never happen. “And then one day, Paulo Branco, producer of lost causes, said that if it feels to make the film for nothing, it’s starting. Thus was born “My soul by you healed.” For distribution which Dupeyron fumbled at length before giving the lead role to Grégory Gadebois, just great in the film:

When people ask me why I chose Gregory to the role of Fredi, I say that c It is because the other actors refused. I proposed the film to actors not because they seemed to me to correspond to the character, but because I imagined that their presence would help to finance. It was stupid, I quickly understood. Actually, I thought of Gregory from the beginning, but for a small role, and I realized that when I get the pictured in the scene I saw him looking. And then, gradually, I saw in all the scenes, one after the other, and it was perfect. “

Thus, telling it in 2013, Paulo Branco and Gregory Gadebois had saved his life. Since then, there has been a script written for his old friend the cinematographer Yves Angelo, it has been, above all, the disease against which he fought long, but which no one could save him. Not even the producer of lost causes. Finally, what is certain is that heaven filmmakers, if it exists, has just landed a guy who intends to continue to play well the troublemakers filming in circles. So there, obviously, the information that has fallen on us Thursday morning is good news.

Pascal Mérigeau


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