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François Dupeyron, director of undocumented grades and battered life – TV5MONDE Info

Filmmaker broken mouths of the Great War, the excluded, whether Kurdish or relegated to a city suburb, François Dupeyron, who died Thursday at age 65, has filmed all his life homeless ranks and “dented” of life.

Evolving at the margins of French cinema, away from the big productions formatted, François Dupeyron leaves some sensitive and unique film, his first feature film “Funny place for a meeting” (1988), bringing together the duo Depardieu, Deneuve, at last, “My soul by you healed” (2013), through “La Chambre des officiers” in 2001, his most famous film.

“I came to cinema, kid, because I was no written “, declared in 2004, in Libération, this native of Tartas, in Landes, graduate Idhec (Institute of Advanced cinematographic studies).

an affirmation of course highly questionable from a director who wrote all scenarios (often adapting novels) and has also tried the novel.

François Dupeyron stood out with two short films, “Night Owl” (1984) and “Lamento” (1988) which earned him both a César.

for his first feature film, “Funny place for a meeting” (1988), he meets two stars, Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu, which intersect at a motorway service area.

The following films will be less successful ( “A heart that beats”, 1991 and “The Machine”, 1994) but the director won the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain) in 1999 with “What is life?”, a simple romance to the bottom of the Causse du Larzac on the bottom of peasant unrest and crisis of mad cow disease.

“The House of officers” drama recounting the reconstruction of broken faces of the Great War, adapted from the novel by Marc Dugain, François Dupeyron is invited in competition at Cannes in 2001 and nominated for a César the next year in the categories best director and best Picture.

in this sensitive story that takes place in a hospital room, the director had obtained authorization to put his cameras to the Val-de-Grace.

– Omar Sharif grocer philosopher –

After this success, the filmmaker seems more in search of lightness with “Monsieur Ibrahim and the flowers of the Koran”, adapted from the play of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, illuminated by Omar Sharif that will get with this philosopher grocer role a Cesar for best actor in 2004.

Always attracted downgraded, the director was also interested in immigration illegal telling, with means and dialogues economy, the adventures of a young Kurd in search of England ( “Inguélézi”) and sometimes funny daily, and sometimes less, of the inhabitants of Paris suburb of city ( “Help yourself and heaven will help you”, 2008).

“I do not pretend to change the world, (but) the world is about to break in two, one must be aware”, said the director hired by presenting “Inguélézi” in 2003 San Sebastian.

Never resigned, the filmmaker took advantage of the release of his latest film, “My soul by you healed”, bringing together big screen Grégory Gadebois and Céline Sallette revealed by the hit series ” Ghosts, “to push a cry of anger against the funding system” perverted “of french cinema.

In the press release of the film, he criticized in particular the leading role of “television”, became “one producer” in a “totalitarian” system.

In addition to his films, François Dupeyron also participated in the script of “Favorite Son” by Nicole Garcia, and “A bridge between two shores” Gerard Depardieu and Frederic Auburtin.

he had worked several times with his friend Yves Angelo, who had been the director of photography on several of his films, which he had co-written the screenplay for the last film, “closer to the sun” released in 2015.

François Dupeyron had also completed the implementation of the posthumous film by Claude Berri, “Treasure”, after the death of the director in 2009.


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