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The Grammy, women and men happy – The World

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William Sheller, Jeanne Cherhal, Louane and Véronique Sanson February 12 at Grammy.

” I rang. “ Vincent Frèrebeau is not a singer, but the boss of an independent label, Early or Late, producer Yael Naim and Vianney, respectively designated female artist and male artist of the year at the 31 th ceremony Grammy broadcast Friday, February 12, live on France 2 from the Zenith in Paris.

a form of consecration for this label which party its twentieth anniversary, even if he already has a dozen statuettes under his belt (Vincent Delerm, Jeanne Cherhal …). Pianist and French-Israeli singer-sensitive pop-folk, Yael Naim had already won Album Wins World Music Female Artist in 2008 and in 2011.

Dedicated to the memory of the victims of the attacks November 13, 2016 edition, hosted by Virginia Guilhaume and Bruno Guillon, also rewarded Dreamers (rock album), the Avener (album of electronic music) and the Moroccan Hindi Zahra (music album in the world).

as to not disappoint Audrey Azoulay, who was present there at his first show as minister of culture and communication, Johnny Hallyday has jumped on a plane after a concert in Périgueux, to arrive at the Zenith to 23 h 30. Too soon to receive his Victory album of songs of the year ( About love ). Too late to play the song live, replaced by a filmed rehearsal the day before.

If Johnny has nothing to prove in terms of presence, live performances candidates for victories have become almost more issues big as the trophy itself, restyled this year by Daum crystal.

Maitre Gims the 31st Grammy, 12 February.

extras and dancers

Great trend 2016: bet on a higher bid extras and dancers. Bias released by rapper Master Gims whose zouk undermined as never (nominated original song of the year) paraded dozens of Congolese have undermined. An attempted occupation by the excess of more haphazard way by his colleague Nekfeu (Victory album of urban music), then with the chorus of the Senegalese Faada Freddy and accomplices of the pop-rock group Hyphen Hyphen (Victory revelation scene), doped the supercharged power of her singing.

Doubly rewarded in 2015, Christine and the Queens were so impressed on stage by the audacity of his group choreographies and video images. A new double winner (video clip and music show), the Nantes has this time subjugated by choosing, for his interpretation of Disquiet, the radical blueprint of a lonely dance. A sobriety as being the force of a moving William Sheller (Victory of honor) and a Jeanne Added beautifully inhabited, which, if it did not receive the Victory album revelation awarded Louane has sends shivers over a viewer.

Other non crowned revelation, the young Jain transposed with inventive visual findings of its tube clip, Come to its live performance . Fourteenth top iTunes before the show, the song is also found atop the leaderboard shortly after delivery.

The winners of the 31st Grammy

male Artist Vianney
female Artist : Yael Naim
Album revelation “Room 12″ of Louane
Revelation scene : Hyphen Hyphen
songs Album : “in love,” Johnny Hallyday
rock Album : “Mandarine” Innocents
Album of urban music “Fire” of Nekfeu
world music album “Homeland”, Hindi Zahra
electronic music or dance album : “the Wanderings of the Avener” of the Avener
original Song “undermined as ever,” Master Gims (Master Gims words, music and Master Gims Renaud Rebillaud)
Musical show / tour / concert Christine and the Queens
Video-Clip “Christine” Christine and the Queens (directed by Jack)
Victory honor William Sheller


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