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Eagles of Death Metal at the Olympia: a living room, terribly alive – Télé

The Eagles of Death Metal came back to play in Paris at the Olympia, three months after the drama of the Bataclan. Apprehension, communion, and for most survivors, a small or a huge release. Much noise, but not for nothing.

Boulevard des Capucines, February 16, 7:15 p.m., a row of cameras pointed at the red neon lights that draw on the pediment of Olympia letters of Eagles of Death Metal group . Curious photograph the event. One type of the Adventist Church distributes flyers under wraps for Bible study by correspondence. Protected in the queue by Vauban barriers and armed police leads to the teeth, Gauthier, 25, crumpled face, pale, screw cap on his head, trying to deceive: “My mother is a lawyer, she knows the boss of the DGSE, there are snipers on the roofs, the BIS, the GIGN and RAID are present, we are safe, for sure. “ Son look a little lost looking for approval, absolute confirmation that nothing, nothing can happen tonight. Beside him, Louise and Tiphaine end to the neck a bottle of red wine before the controls.

“I do not want to be a ‘victim Bataclan’ I do not want to be locked in this status, “Thomas

before coming, Gauthier took a Valium and a big draw as before crossing an ocean snorkeling. He speaks of resistance. “I do not have a quarter of the courage of the soldiers who will fight against Daech. Coming here is my way to show me brave. It is still standing. But it misses ninety. And we’re there for them. I carry them with me these ninety faces missing tonight. We must finish this concert. We are children of rock and freedom. “ Gauthier was in the pit on 13 November. He took a bullet fragment. “A two centimeters, they niquaient my tattoo. “ He came with his friend Thomas, 29, beard millimeter while retaining, as they came together on 13 November. They discuss the choice of the group not to play Kiss The Devil , the title interrupted by bullets: “I would have taken the show where it stopped, even if I understand why they do not play. “ Thomas speaks of the tremendous support received from his family for three months. It only tells his story too: “I do not want to be a” victim of the Bataclan “I do not want to be locked in this status. “

 Olympia 16 f & # xe9; February 2016 .<br /> “Title =” & # xA9; AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M305852.jpg” data-side = “0.85178875638842″ /> <figcaption readability =

The Olympia February 16, 2016.


” we came to claim our freedom and say shit terrorists “, Michael and Marion

After four security checks, the long corridor-smoking Olympia aspires cohort guests for this concert so special. Crutches, wheelchairs, waves looks. The scars are far from healed. This is the time of reunion, hugs. Some have not seen since the time who saw their lives intersect in solidarity survivors. As Thibaut, stubble, silent, PhD student in economics. For three months, he has dramatically cut with the “old Bataclan” and lived in a protected environment, with his parents in the provinces. This is the first time that it is above the volcano. “I hope to see some faces met that night.” Beside him, Michael and Marion sip their beer sitting against a wall. They are in their little shoes, like all those who were not present on the evening of 13 November but that came tonight: “We had no seats on 13, it was done too later. “ This time, they went the way from Poitiers via BlaBlaCar: ” Five hours away with a guy who only listens to rap. We came to claim our freedom and say shit to terrorists. “

Later, Philippe Manoeuvre, Chief Editor Rock & amp; Folk , asking the crowd a protective gaze hidden under his eternal sunglasses: “I just had to be there tonight. There was no other way than to pick up where they broke everything. This is the end of a terrible parenthesis. The young people all want to finish the concert with other images in the head. Many have hesitated before coming and I understand them. “

As Louise and Tiphaine, girls who drank wine in the queue, both in the pit 13. Tiphaine was able to extract the first wave of emergency exits. Louise was blocked amid the body until the arrival of the BIS. Tiphaine did not hesitate. It came from the Beauce for this concert. She wears the same clothes except jeans stained with blood, she threw. Louise has long waited to make its choice. “But we had to close the loop. “

” All the people who lived it wants to see the end of their concert. Then we may be able to start living normally, “Thomas

Thomas also came, despite his misgivings. Since November 13, its survival strategy led him to avoid rethink that cursed night: caring mind, move on, do not read the press, is his triptych to advance. He came anyway and clings to his beer as a buoy: “All the people who lived it wants to see the end of their concert. After, maybe we can start living normally. “

In the hall, some doctors swirl, tag pinned to his chest. The Institute Victim Assistance and Mediation (INAVEN) dispatched tonight twenty shrinks. Didier Cremniter and colleagues are there to play parachutes in case of anxiety attack. Both places are dedicated to those taken into psychological care emergency. Olympia’s plans with the signs of the places are distributed near the bar. But for now, the smiles, the discussions, the friendly atmosphere, the flight of beers, everything indicates that the evening will be calm and clear. “The people here felt well enough to come said the doctor. The other did not come – nearly half, they say. Still, you have to be there in case. “

The crying spells, broken hearts by the weight of ghosts, there will be tonight. Under the innocuous appearances under the foam of fresh beer and cheerful smiles, everyone has a story, has a nightmare. Oriane, Lionel and Mathilde are part of the group of “bathroom”, a reduced Bataclan, where they waited for help to arrive for three hours glued to eight on each other, separated from the concert hall by a partition of ten centimeters. “We stayed in touch but this is the first time that we find ourselves in full, says Lionel. The 13 we were the last to leave. “ at Otis elevator company, it took ten kilos in two weeks after the attacks: a bottle of rum per day, ” without alcohol intoxication “, ‘s ‘apérothérapie “. “It’s hard to explain that we’d die for three hours. “ His girlfriend Mathilde talks about the difficulty of administrative procedures, assistance provided by the enormous Life for Paris association. Small brown nettle to large cat eyes, Oriane lost two friends that night. She says she was struck by how his senses are sharpened on 13 November. She talks about her sudden acute hearing, guilt gnawing survivors, those who were not wounded, those who were not in the pit and then suddenly interrupts: “We’re going to finish this fucking show! “ This is the time.

 Eagles of Death Metal & # xE0 ; Olympia.<br /> “Title =” & # xA9; PHOTOPQR / THE PARIS / Nicholas Jean Guillo “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M305857.jpg” data-side = “1.5673981191223″ /> <figcaption readability =

Eagles of Death Metal at Olympia.

© PHOTOPQR / THE PARIS / Jean Nicholas Guillo

The group of “bathroom” between in the Olympia concert hall as we enter a parallel dimension: back to the future, back to the crime scene, heavy small steps in the nave of a church without god, rock outlet. Some jokes flowing: “You okay? You were put next to an emergency exit, one wonders why. “ A girl wears a bandage on the back on which is drawn a message intended to bullets:” Forbidden to enter. “Everyone his way to digest the huge time ahead.

Suddenly, the playful voice of Jacques Dutronc sounded in Olympia. “It’s five o’clock, Paris wakes up”. The audience roared. Jesse Hughes tumbles in Santa cape. He says “I love you” repeat like a mantra; “The group is part of the victims,” ​​ later said Oriane. Behind him, on drums, Josh Homme, the absent of 13, came to support his friends. The song I Only Want You that fans could listen November 13 electrocute the crowd, but suddenly stops Jesse Hughes: “Take a moment to remember, and then resume play. “ The minute of silence stretches for twenty seconds ago, punctuated by two sound ” Naked! “ and the endless and saving ” Shut up! “ that follow. Everything is normal. And go for two hours out of time during which the public and his group dance together an odd waltz baroque and tragicomic between rock’n’roll pure juice with broken guitar on stage and thrown up to the public, pogo, cigarettes, joints, joyous antics of Jesse Hughes, when heavy bass wash their bellies and serving heads, and then also between those moments of collective collapses on Save the Prayer or I love you all the Time when the ghosts come back when everything tightens.

“motherfuckers, I love you! I really needed this concert! “, Jesse Hughes

Each monitors his family, we hugged, brandished beers in rabid pacts, Lionel embraces Mathilde, Oriane dance Oriana cry, the room is alive, terribly alive, the crowd howls, vibrates, whistles, burps and vibrionne. Jesse Hughes did not return. Unofficial Eagles of Death Metal completes one of his titles and catches his breath, quenches his thirst and freezes before it unleashed public that does not stop between songs, drunk riffs burst eardrums. Frisian his mustache, he looks up and smiles, amazed at the energy that radiates into the pit of the Olympia this Tuesday, February 16, three months after the attack on the Bataclan: “motherfuckers (” motherfuckers “), I like You ! I really needed this concert! Who else here needed this concert? “ A gigantic clamor replied, dense, animal, cathartic.

The lights come back. The penalty to break up crowds, yet already weighs heavily on the scales of memory each and try to stretch as much as possible, to freeze every joy in this small molecule joyful eternity. One finds Gauthier, his cap and digested Valium. His face is transfigured, he perked up, he is happy and smiles. His friend Thomas hugs everyone he meets, when the pressure of a body against another is worth all the speeches, all the ointments. Oriane also soothed the air: “I finished my concert, it’s good, they run the show.” Thibaut, the economics PhD student falls into the arms of a guy. He just found one of the faces he sought. Tears flow, liquid joy. We must now go out, breathe fresh air froze the street, find a world that continues to move forward, which turns so fast the pages, all the media cameras focused lurking in the night. Louise and Tiphaine move away to a bar down the street. Lionel walks with his group of “bathroom” to another haven where some still end up. The night is young. His face is serious but serene: “I think I finally understood that it is not because I am in an enclosed area that someone will land with a Kalashnikov. There was no blood, cries, dead. It feels good. It feels so good. “ He smiles, apologizes to go party: ” Now I resume my journey. “


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