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“Deadpool”: an (anti) -héros filthy a hit at the box office – Télérama.fr

“Deadpool”, a film by Tim Miller, a hit at the box office despite its violence and trash humor. To the point of becoming the biggest hit of the X-Men saga, bigger start of the year in France … Decryption.

He swears continuously, guts opponents of spectacularly bloody manner, and practice onanism with passion. It is Deadpool, Marvel superheroes adapted to film, and inevitably R-rated”, that is to say, no one under seventeen years not accompanied by an adult. Despite this, Deadpool is breaking records at the box office. After its second weekend on the US, the film has registered 235 million in revenue, including $ 152 million in the first weekend, which was followed by a public holiday. In France, the film, no one under twelve years has made more than 1.5 million entries after a week of operation. And all this with a modest budget of $ 58 million …

Deadpool and recorded a number of records: it is the best February in the United States, biggest success of the X-Men franchise, the biggest start for a movie rated R … it is also, for now, the best start to the year in France ( the Visitors – the Revolution , expected in April, will they do better?), and, inevitably, the most pirated movie on BitTorrent last week.

While Hollywood has watered us to the disgust of superhero movies, (and there are still, according to the website Den of Geek! sixty-three ongoing projects until 2018), analyzing a huge success.


Appearing for the first time in 1991 in the comic book the New Mutant s, the arrogant superheroes, gritty, vulgar, provocative, megalomaniac to psychopathic tendency murderous mercenary and irreverent, holds a special place in the Marvel universe. A place popular with fans that the hero speaks regularly in the pages of comics, conscious of being part of a fictional universe. As in the comics, the film maintains its complicity with the audience by breaking repeatedly the fourth wall and the public appreciates it. After the film’s release in the US, a petition was launched on Change.org for the character part in the Saturday Night Live , US weekly beacon that has a tendency to purr … the petition has been signed by nearly 75 000 people.


Traditionally, superhero movies are cautious with images of violence. In this, Deadpool changes the game, although in the superhero category trash, a follower of the ultra-violence and flowery language, it is not entirely a precursor. Before him, so we could see Kick-Ass , the anti-superhero without power and especially its Sister Hit-Girl has surprised with his furious aplomb, and insults rarely as dumper uttered in films of this genre. In the register of spies films, Kingsman, secret services and its scenes of hemoglobin and filled with black humor have also shaken the most traditional James Bond or Jason Bourne, and was a nice surprise box office.

a the classification Deadpool has probably whetted the curiosity of moviegoers who might have ignored the film without it. And teenagers who see little in it being an anti Captain America , did not have to be hard to be accompanied by an older brother or an adult buddy.


the cleverly orchestrated marketing campaign for over a year about Deadpool could only draw the public’s curiosity, even uninitiated. Lascivious poses on posters, heart with fingers … Never before had seen so many superhero play the card of self-parody. Nail buzz: at the last Super Bowl, American sports high mass, which is also that of the promotion, several advertising spots is reached millions of American viewers. Difficult to escape Deadpool . The actor Ryan Reynolds has also completely erased behind the character to better let the antihero express his vile thoughts …


The movie he answers not just the expectations of the audience, somewhat tired of the nicest Avengers, X-Men and Spiderman and other reboots? The year 2016 will be that of Batman V Superman , Captain America: Civil War , X-Men: Apocalypse or Suicide Squad .

 With Deadpool , Hollywood seems to be moving towards a new path. But James Gunn, director of ultralucratif galaxy Guards , blockbuster crammed with humor, reacts to the success of the film in a text published on Facebook on February 15. And protested against some analyzes. For him, brandishing Deadpool standard, it’s too easy to forget Ant-Man , which is already widely employed the comic register this summer, or tone provocation of Iron Man Jon Favreau. Deadpool has its own identity , writes James Gunn. This is not a rehash of other films. It’s original, it’s very good, it’s made with love by creators, who have not been afraid to take risks. For the experiment survive in theaters, films must continue to expand their opportunities. They must be unique and make the voice of the directors who are behind. They can not just be copies of what has been done before. “


Faced with such success, Hollywood inevitably rubs his hands. It is already rumored that Wolverine 3 , whose shooting has not begun, could be rated R as its common cousin (who could also make an appearance in the film – remember that Ryan Reynolds had briefly incarnated Wade Wilson, Deadpool birth name in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009). Deadpool 2 has already been announced, and a film about the X-Force, composed of anti-hero, is in the pipes. Jeff Wadlow, director of Kick-Ass 2 , the script …

But it is also the TV side as this superhero finds its audience: see Netflix dark Daredevil and Jessica Jones , and perhaps soon, the ruthless Punisher .


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