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Dismantling of the “jungle” of Calais: brief respite for migrants – Le Point

The migrants camping in the southern part of the “jungle” of Calais won some respite Tuesday: Lille Administrative Court does not decide by Wednesday on the interim introduced to try to obtain a postponement of the evacuation .

At a hearing of almost two hours, the associations called for the suspension of the evacuation of the southern part of the “jungle” denounced “botched solutions” proposed by the State.

Representatives of? State and associations have also each made very different figures on the number of migrants present in this area, the first ever speaking of “800-1000″ migrants and the latter to “3500″ , a serious divergence on which the President Valerie Quemener did not fail to insist.

The decision “will not be made today,” said after the hearing the judge, who must render a reasoned order, which requires time to write. It should be known on Wednesday or Thursday.

The interim suspension is, the state can not begin to evacuate the camp when he was set at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday an ultimatum. This slight shift is not an against-time, says one in substance with the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais. “It continues, and even intensifies social maraudes is to convince the migrants that we have better hosting solutions in the camp of the Moor” which “can not in any case be a life project,” emphasizes t- it.

Since September, the state has stepped opening reception and orientation centers (CAD), which now serve nearly 2,700 migrants, mainly from the “jungle”.

the associations do not see it that way.

“You must suspend the decision to stop the terror, to end the tensions, we must not shift the problem by an evacuation, we must solve the” pleaded Julie Bonnier, who introduced the interim relief.

in the morning, the judge Quemener had gone to the camp of the Moor, including visiting a church and the temporary reception center (CAP), which are housed in 1,200 migrants heated containers. It was followed by many migrants, encouraged by signs of an association, translated into several languages, to manifest during the visit of the magistrate “to keep the Jungle”

-. A step ‘ humanitarian ‘-

the war of figures on the population of the southern area reflects serious tensions between the two sides emerged from the announcement of this project evacuation on 12 February. “This is a terrible step backwards”, was so carried away Christian Salome, President of Auberge migrants.

The operation also raises the reserves of the Children’s Ombudsman Geneviève Avenard. She Monday criticized the manner prescribed by the State for the removal of separated children, speaking for “the urgent creation of a device to shelter children” involved.

The State wants to eventually reduce the population of the “jungle” to 2,000 people, according to 3700 against her today.

The Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas, interviewed by Europe 1 on Tuesday morning, said he hopes to apply “humanely” protecting people. They “are in danger situation today and so you have to get them out of the mud. You saw those pictures, it is unworthy of a state like ours.”

The Minister Interior Bernard Cazeneuve had also tried to delay Monday: this evacuation, which he calls “sheltering” will “of course by doing progressively and focusing every moment of dialogue, persuasion and information migrants “.

He said he was ready to” take the time necessary “to carry out this” humanitarian step. ”

Pas-de-Calais of the prefecture had shown firmer Friday arrested the “automatic deportation” by no later than 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, where she spoke of “abuses “migrants and said that” after this time “and” failing to have left the area, it will be evacuated (…) if necessary with the assistance of the police. “

the neighboring Belgium, meanwhile, announced Tuesday the temporary restoration controls at the border with France. Objective: to deal with a possible influx of migrants leaving the “jungle” of Calais

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