Monday, February 29, 2016

DiCaprio: finally the Oscar –



DiCaprio: finally the Oscar

                                 DiCaprio: finally the Oscar


For 41 years, the star finally gets the Oscar for best actor in “the Revenant”. A consecration for him who never hesitated before challenging roles.

You can find “The Revenant” by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu amazing wild beauty, worn by an epic and a twilight atmosphere … We can also find the grand Guignol gore and long as overnight in a freezer. But we can not remain unmoved by the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio. Even if it is film, even with special effects, be half eaten by a bear, buried alive by his friends, resurrected miraculously warmed by the entrails of a horse, and restored by a buffalo liver slice thought, all by 20 °, it is difficult to see Laurent Ournac stick to it.

it is this performance, in the spirit of the famous “Actor Studio” Hollywood reward, donated to extreme the film which one can not escape unscathed. Besides, “Leo” like excess. The nice Jack Dawson “ Titanic could slip on the ice of success, but he often chose the risky adventures. Already in “ Gilbert Grape , opposite Johnny Depp, he played a young lifelike disabled. Later, he excelled in the roles of crazy gorgeous. A Howard Hughes dilapidated and phobic in Aviator , a frosted cop Shutter Island , an explorer of nightmarish dreams in Inception , a zany reveler in the Great Gatsby , a cynical Hoover in J Edgar short, DiCaprio has no fear to spoil or to disgust those who dreamed of being locked up with him in a vintage car with steamy windows. So far this deserved Oscar, who had become a kind of black cat: social networks were betting that once again the statuette would pass under his nose. This appointment gave him the opportunity to say two words to his fight for ecology, telling anecdotes about filming in extreme conditions. Since its global success, “Leo” continues to spar with sincerity in ecology and gave of his pocket and raised millions of dollars to various foundations. He was appointed Messenger of Peace for the climate by the UN. Yesterday, he recalled his fight against global warming. Certainly, it is not resentful with icebergs.


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