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The Secret Elise how Marchlands ended, the original series? – Screenrush

The Secret Elise, fiction TF1 event comes to an end on Monday with the release of his last two bouts. The opportunity to return to Marchlands, which it is adaptation, and to compare the outcome of the two series.

After three weeks of suspense, Elise will finally reveal his secret this evening with the broadcast on TF1 last two episodes of the miniseries bestselling The Secret of Elise, who collected an average of 7 million viewers Monday 8 and 15 February. If the famous question at the center of the plot, namely “What really happened to the little Elise Letilleul the day of his death?”, Will logically be answered in the sixth and final episode, fans who have to Marchlands previously seen, the series including the Secret Elise is adapted, will they be able to discover which direction the french writers have chosen to take.

is a denouement almost copy and paste its English model? Or he deviates greatly from the original purpose, how Malaterra, which recently offered an undeniably resolution different from that of Broadchurch?

a pilot, a ghost, two adaptations

For those who do not already know, yes , The Secret Elise , reach, among others, Julia Piaton, Bénabar, Julie de Bona and Bruno Salomone, is an adaptation. Originally, there The Oaks , a series of draft written by David Schulner (a writer who worked on Everwood , Desperate Housewives and the Event ) and developed for the American channel Fox in 2008. Despite a cast including Jeremy Renner, Matthew Morrison, Matt Lanter and Sienna Guillory, the pilot does not convince and the series will see ever on the day

The cast in full force, all eras of Marchlands

But the concept of a drama told three different times, and amid investigation supernatural, like the British channel ITV that order in 2010 Marchlands , adapted from the American pilot never aired. The English series, which has 5 episodes (against 6 to The Secret Elise ) and for key players Alex Kingston (ER), Jodie Whittaker (Beth Latimer Broadchurch ) or Dean Andrews (Life on Mars), has beautiful hearings when it aired in 2011, which then gives ideas to TF1, which chooses some time later to do a remake, at a time when a series as Ghosts proves the fantastic to the French can like

Rémi and Yanis, both in love with the beautiful Catherine

When Marchlands and the Secret Elise after a close enough common frame (the mystery surrounding the drowning of a little girl – Alice Bowen in the English version, Elise Letilleul in France), some differences are still to to note. First, Elise is still alive when the series begins TF1, while Marchlands begins six months after the death of Alice. Then there is the character of Ariadne (Julia Piaton in 1969, Marie-Christine Adam in 2015), which is grafted to the story told in this by forging a friendship with Julie (Julie Bona) after s’ be presented as the former owner of the house, while its British equivalent, Ruth, was hired as a governess for the new inhabitants of the place. And as the love triangle between Catherine, Yanis, and Remi, in 1986, he has just been created for the French version (with the repercussions that we know, that the “light” Rémi’s obsession with Catherine.)

Alice / Elise: same secret

WARNING SPOILERS on the end of the two series !!

on one series to another, the key to solving the mystery surrounding the death Elise / Alice finally hidden in the memories and unspoken of the silent friend of the girl: Catherine the Secret Elise (played by Valérie Kaprisky adult) and Olive in Marchlands . In the last episode of the British series, Ruth, Alice’s mother, understands that the mysterious message left by the ghost of her daughter, “ASKOR” actually means “Ask Olive Runcie” ( “Pose the question to Olive Runcie”). And so it is that Olive finally reveal the end of the story. The two girls were playing in the house when Alice Bowen surprised his grandfather, Robert, right in sexual activities with Liz’s mother, Olive. Shocked, Alice fled, ran towards the forest and came to rest in the river, where she drowned.

The ghost of Alice, ready to deliver his big secret?

A fairly small accidental outcome that the miniseries TF1 has chosen to make bolder, stronger. Indeed, in The Secret Elise , Catherine reveals to Ariadne that “Mars”, the message left by the ghost of Elise, refers to Alain Godot (Jacques Perrin), the current mayor the village, who was captain of gendarmerie in 1969 and in charge of the investigation at the time. Elise and Catherine nicknamed so because his uniform made them think of the god of war. And it is this same Alain Godot Elise surprised in her grandfather’s arms (Stéphane Freiss) coming home from school. Godot tried to catch Elise but the girl fell into the marshes not far from the house. Elise screamed that she could not swim, but Godot did not move and looked at drowning.

What has happened to the little Elise?

Elise is dead because she surprised a forbidden love, at a time when homosexuality was still considered a mental illness and punishable by law. With this outcome, this great “saga of winter” of TF1, conducted by Alexandre Laurent, therefore chose to speak about the society of the time, before leaving the ghost of Elise rest in peace. The success of the Secret Elise he will allow him to experience continued in one form or another? The future will tell, even if nothing seems to be planned for now on the side of TF1. Marchlands in any case had a declination in 2013, Lightfields, which reproduced the original formula (a story about three times) with new characters and new plot.

the trailer of Secret Elise:

the Secret trailer Elise


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