Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The singer Eduardo candidate for the French Academy! – Point

How to get out of anonymity when we experienced a sudden but fleeting glory? It’s a question facing a hundred artists (or pseudo-artists) who drilled a day without realizing the next day. Some occur in touring revival as Stars 80 or and soft wood head Age , others out compilations, others are trying at all costs to attract media attention. Most will find that looks embarrassed or incentive spiritless phrases. Eduardo Pisani decided to stand out from his contemporaries. Its jingle I love you Monday (he then interpreted by the name of Eduardo with an “o”) led him in 2001 on all of France television sets. He hopes it will now make him immortal! No you are not dreaming, 15 years after his media influence, it is presented to the French Academy …

Carassou Michel, Éric Dubois and Andrei Makine, Eduardo Pisani contributes to take the chair No. 5 vacated by Assia Djebar, we learned the Academy site. The election is scheduled for 3 March 2016. Good news for the recipient, Frédéric Mitterrand and Jean-Claude Perrier, time candidates eventually withdrew. Bad news, the vote is expected Thursday. Now the chorus of his hit – so if it ever was one – stops to Wednesday! Remember: “I love you Monday / Tuesday I love you / I love you Wednesday / And other days also. “One more sentence, and the bard included in his rhymes on the fourth day of the week, the month in which the traditional elections under the dome held. Already in 1983, another singer was a candidate for immortality. Charles Trenet was retoqué by the green men. And if Eduardo Pisani avenged the “Mad singing”?

disciple of Pierre de Coubertin!

Her face now decorated with an Orthodox priest’s beard, explains Eduardo Pisani its decision on the Site Mague.net. “The French Academy exists since 1635, and I believe I am the first candidate for the French Academy who lives in Emmaus. “Lucid, he acknowledges that he has little chance of winning an election in which the Franco-Russian novelist Andrei Makine, author of French Testament , the Prix Goncourt, the Prix Goncourt for students and Prix ​​Medicis in 1995, is the major favorite: “on March 3, I will not be elected and I will collect no voice but no matter Baron Pierre de Coubertin said that the important thing is to participate to me.. the important thing is to exist. “

We wish Eduardo Pisani also a fruitful and long posterity as the inventor of the modern Olympic Games …


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