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Wolverine 3: a more violent episode to end? – Screenrush

Whereas in US theaters March 3, 2017, “Wolverine 3″, last episode with Hugh Jackman in the role, may well be more violent than the previous since Fox is considering it is rated R.

is there already a Deadpool effect in Hollywood? While the film of Tim Miller tallied $ 132.4 million for the US operating first weekend, and James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy, judge that the studios will be unable to draw good lessons this success, Fox seems slightly less cautious vis-à-vis the film classified R (for those over 17 years unaccompanied), as evidenced by his plans for Wolverine 3.

online in as part of the toy Fair 2016 big gather around toys and derived products currently being held in New York, this visual shows that the studio seems inclined to offer Wolverine fans a darker episode violent, for what should mark the farewell of Hugh Jackman in character

== & gt. With the return of an old enemy?

Four years after the long version of Combat the immortal, on DVD and Blu-Ray is in theaters that could be Wolverine rated R in March 2017, although it will have to wait a bit before it is confirmed. And while Ryan Reynolds recently told Empire he had been talk show Hugh Jackman in Deadpool, which would have allowed him to rub with this classification.

succeed there to bring out the retired actor to play the clutches one last time in Deadpool 2, where the villain Cable should illustrate? Unless it also involves welcoming the X-Force, spin-off focused on new mutants whose production is expected to accelerate if we are to believe the recent statements of Ryan Reynolds.

You have a question about “Deadpool”? Ryan Reynolds is perhaps answered:

Fanzone News of

Emissions Directed by James Mangold, who piles up again behind the camera after the previous episode, Wolverine 3 will turn to from April 25, in New Orleans and New Mexico, scheduled for release March 3, 2017 in the United States, and there is currently no official synopsis. But, according to the indices of Hugh Jackman, it could be that the feature put in scene an aging hero, following the segment “Old Man Logan” comic books.


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